Since nobody’s been reading my posts, obviously, I thought I’d just talk about me a little.

I’ve always wondered what I’m good at. After much consideration and putting tons of thought into it, I did finally come up with something. I’m awfully good at jumping to conclusions.

Yep. That’s my one giant talent. Wow, I make Kim Kardashian sound enormously talented. Speaking of which, she is talented. You gotta have something, to be half as successful a businesswoman as she is.

Gah. I always do this. This deviating from the point thing. Brains, focus.

So. I’ve been jumping to conclusions ever since I can remember. My brains have bruised knees from this… Exercise. This running into a solid wall of incoherent, irrelevant, insane thoughts. Have I mentioned I’m also blind? Blind conclusion jumper. Whew. Terrible. I’m surprised I haven’t given myself an aneurysm yet.

And it doesn’t help that my life is far from rosy. Indian parents want you to study till you keel over and die and get fossilized in the darn textbooks. I’m not even kidding. You finish one course, they want you to post graduate. Super specialize. Micro-dissect the whole effing ish. Seriously, Mum? I need to breathe…!

Why do I call myself a blind conclusion jumper?

I am in a long distance ish with this guy. Who I’ve never met. He won’t let me come down to see him. And he won’t come down to see me. We aren’t talking anymore. We’re both too busy.

I concluded he isn’t going to actually ever meet me in person. That makes me a conclusion jumper. And blind. Because I have never seen him in the flesh. It does make me a conclusion jumper, right?

I’m sure I’m not the only bitter one. I’m so sick of the phone!

Love xx


4 thoughts on “Blind Conclusion Jumper.

  1. Well… I’ve read two of your posts so far… one made me smile so big I sprouted some new wrinkles on my face and the other cause me to laugh out loud… all alone… weird feeling, but did brighten my day…
    Thank you for such a delightful sense of humor…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good wrinkles, though, right?? And I’m glad I made you smile!

      Also, I’m super surprised you actually read my first post. Which was the dumbest post in the history of dumbest posts. Haha.

      And thank YOU, for stopping by!

      – Sooch.


      1. All wrinkles have a story to tell… some from sadness and some from joy… the ones from smiling are always the good ones….
        I have found that ‘first posts’ often shine a bright and interesting light from the writer…
        It must have brought intrigue, for I am still lingering on your site, absorbing your words…

        Liked by 1 person

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