The other day I was watching a video on YouTube where a guy went around asking people, “What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of India?”

Funnily enough, most people mentioned Slumdog Millionaire. Nice to see that none of the slum kids who actually were in the movie got any recognition whatsoever. And why did nobody mention overpopulation? No wait, I think one guy did.

See, that is the whole entire problem.

What do you expect from a country where there’s constant population explosion? It’s insane how rape is rampant and women are looked at like they were meat. How is this even acceptable that some photographer “glamorized” the Delhi Rape Issue in a series of disturbing, but apparently glamorous pictures, and got away with it? So not done.

While our Prime Minister is promoting the clean India campaign, this is happening in my backyard.

Check out the litter and the pigs. Happens only in India.

To be honest, the setting sun looks pretty from my window too. So I can give the piggies a pass, right? No. It’s revolting. And to think that people would actually buy this disgusting plot of land and build a house on it. 

The view of the sunset I was talking about.

It’s also crazy how people insist on using “Imported” (with a capital I) bath products and perfume and sanitizers that they buy online, but they spit on the street. *Insert Applause Here.*

Don’t get me wrong. India is pretty. We have places like these.

Buildings from the British era.

Only the English built it. And what did we do? We made the monuments dirty. We scribbled on the walls. Wrote love poems. Turned every place like this into a full-on makeout zone. This, in a country where making out in public is not acceptable.

What is wrong with us?

Every year, enormous amounts of money are spent on masala Bollywood movies. If only a fraction of that amount were used to educate people. The other thing about us that drives me insane is how we proclaim to be secular, and we end up in religious fights. More like suck-ular. Being in the news for all the wrong reasons is not cool. But Indians do not get that. We’re screwed in the head. And we pretend not to be racists, but we are the biggest racists on Earth. It’s insane that North Indians and South Indians loathe each other. How does that even make sense?!

People talk of revolution. They never see that they need some self-revolution. Ironic.

Love xx


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