What a weird title, right?

I know. I’m weird that way. I’m not someone you’d call a “social” person. I don’t even have a Facebook account, let alone Instagram. I hate posting selfies even more than I hate looking at other people’s never ending plethora of selfies. I also never party, booze or in general, hang out. Which means I’ll never get arrested for DUI. Never mind that in India, you can actually bribe the cops and not get arrested, but that’s not important.

So, being alone is awesomesauce.

Less people, less drama, less expectations.

Also people who love reading (and eating Pringles and getting fat) can actually survive on their own. So the next time you call people like me “loony”, here’s something you probably should know: we’ve read our way through the whole entire self-help section, and we’re the ones most likely to survive the Apocalypse when or if it hits. Not to sound braggy or anything.

I’m insecure. Super insecure. I am self-conscious. I hate crowds because I’m scared I’d get lost in it. Which is why being alone is a good thing, for me. I feel like I’m the center of my universe. Why is being insecure sometimes a good thing? I’m too scared to break up with or cheat on my boyfriend. Which makes me an excellent girlfriend. Ha. Also I’m awfully good at my Internet relationship, never having met the guy and all. No jitters.

This post obviously makes me sound more like Fifty shades of Cray rather than Fifty shades of Grey. (Oh Hello, EL James reference.) But then this is the one place where I can completely be myself. I know I keep saying this, but a girl needs constant reassurance.

Someday soon I’ll go into great details about why I’m so insecure. Only if you wanted to know.

Love xx


10 thoughts on “Perks Of Being Alone And Insecure.

  1. We’re very much the same kind of person. I love being alone too. People always want to “hang out” and I guess that’s nice, but what are we going to do? Sit around and talk about sprinklers? I’m not a partier, I’ve never had alcohol, I just keep to myself and my close friends.

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  2. I think I’ll live vicariously through you. Your terribly young but have a Buddhist soul. You don’t look like the cylindrical chap but you see as he sees…… btw/ did you know ‘doc’ that India has the third highest obesity population on the planet just behind Mexico and china?

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