Oh my God.

I miss college. Is that too crazy? I miss the mad rush to get ready in the mornings for classes, back when I actually liked getting ready for classes.

Seven am. Pick out a cute outfit. Nothing much really, since all we were allowed to wear to college back in the day happened to be kurtas and leggings. But still. (Now kids actually wear shorts to college and nobody bats an eyelid, because the college I went to admits tons of foreign students. Other Asian people.)

I miss how we’d cut classes, just to go watch some movie. How we’d crib about total lack of entertainment in this Godforsaken hole. And how we’d bribe the watchman with maybe 200 bucks, just so he’d let us sneak out with friends from other hostels, to “party”. The “party” being, going to maybe dinner with an uncharacteristically loud group of people, with varying ranges of appetite. Ha dramatic ha.

I used to be – how to put this without sounding nuts – big. Big arms, my torso attached to my head, no curves. I seemed to have no neck. Six months after I started living in the hostel, bam! I dropped weight like crazy. Now I actually have a waist. Can you believe that? Damn. I kind of miss the hostel mess food. It was completely calorie-depraved and watery, yet it managed to fill you up (with disgust) and you’d push your plate away, you’d feel so full.
It’s totally weird how I actually miss the college buildings. Lopsided, chalky, wobbly, formalin-smell-ridden like kitchen experiments at baking gone horribly wrong. The Professors with their weird accents. The way they’d pronounce ‘curve’ as ‘cuh-roo’, nerves as ‘nuh-roo’ and ‘blood’ as ‘blooooo-doo’. We’d quietly snort like mad into our books trying to not get kicked out of class.

I also discovered the utter happiness you get out of online shopping, while at the hostel. I even remember the first website I bought stuff from. A red Global Desi halter kurta, from fashionandyou.com, because I could finally, finally wear halter tops, in November, 2011. How weird.

Do you have any amazing memories from back when you’d gone to college, and maybe stayed in hostels? I bet.

Love xx


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