Myopia or near-sightedness, is the commonest refractive error of the eye. Which means you are practically blind as a bat. Unless of course, you’re doing some reading with your nose nearly touching the pages of your book.

Basically, your eyeball stretches horizontally, and you’re left to deal with terrible vision and glasses.

I’ve been myopic since I was eight. I couldn’t see the blackboard. Went in for an eye-checkup and holy momma of blind bats, I needed glasses, with a power of minus two point five.

My eyesight continued to worsen and my eyes continued to bulge right out of their already shallow sockets.

One guy dumped me because “Eff. You look like a frog!”

Life does play crappy tricks on you.

I never wore contacts because I was scared people would all call me Miss Froggy. I wore glasses with thick frames. I wore bangs that would hide my eyes. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. I never took pictures.

Then things changed.

I went into a MAC counter with my cousin the other day, because I was looking for a good concealer, and a miracle happened. I normally hate taking my glasses off because of reasons mentioned earlier. But, this wonderful lady who was choosing the right concealer for me told me that I was only giving people reasons to pick on me. And that makeup artists always look for big eyes. And that my eyes were pretty. She made my life.

Now I actually wear eye makeup.

I can’t help being Big-Eyed now, can I? Might as well like what I’m stuck with.

Here's what my eyes look like with glasses off. And no, that mole is not giving me cancer. Yet.

Love xx


34 thoughts on “Living With Myopia.

  1. I have big eyes too! Someone told me the other day I have the perfect eyes for eye shadow lol! Have you ever tried Younique’s 3D lashes!? I’m so in love with this stuff!

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      1. They aren’t falsies actually, but yea right now they don’t ship to India 😦 Hopefully sometime soon they are fairly new so they are slowly expanding ^_^

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      1. you’ve compiled a small library of rants. When I’ve the time I get the pleasure of ‘selection’ as your little fingers spin and brain unwinds….

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