I totally should have known my day was gonna suck bananas. I woke up at 2 am, and stayed up, like a bespectacled owl – literally – unable to sleep.

And I still managed to run late.

Got tanned running around like a headless chicken trying to overtake Usain Bolt (ha) in the sun, the heat so intense you could have toasted waffles on my skin.

Then I’d to go meet the head of the surgery department, who happens to be nearly as nice as Professor Umbridge. The guy very sweetly screwed my happiness, carefully mentioning twice that I would always be a craptastic doctor. Awh. How adorable of him!

As if that wasn’t enough, I got attacked by an overly attached “friend” of mine, who wants to always keep hanging out, despite my insistence that I would really, really much rather spend some quality alone time.

(High time I paid attention to myself.)

And I ended up eating too many chicken kebabs. When I’m on a diet. God help me.

How do you deal with days like these?

Love xx


24 thoughts on “Worst. Day. Ever.

  1. A good book, they never betray you. For days like these, I suggest a hopeless romantic classic, or perhaps a summery, light-hearted, contemporary, YA novel.

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      1. Now you’re talking! I do love ice cream. Especially on a sunny day, oh, and by the pool! I think you’ve helped me decide what I plan to do tomorrow.

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  2. I’m sorry love😓 My advice would be to just have a day to yourself, stay at home and do whatever you want! Get up when you want, eat whatever you want at any time of the day. Just for one day! And pamper yourself☺️ Just BE CARELESS☺️💗

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  3. Isn’t always the case? The moment you can really use some down time, a friend appears and wants to catch up on missed time. I’ve learned to keep the door locked and not answer the phone. 🙂

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