I am going to crib a lot here. Might as well be holding a neon sign that says, “Please Need Me!” So, do NOT read this if you’re in no mood for my damnbaby crying.

Thank you.

I’ve been sick of anonymity for quite some time now. I guess the whole idea of posting your pictures all over social media has finally got to me.

I even changed the display name on my Gravatar only to change it right back. I’m so indecisive. Plus, I think my name sounds funny.

I thought I’d do a face-behind-the-rants kind of post but decided against it. Like, seriously, why does posting my pics online bug me so much? Everyone else does it. And so do I. (Just that I’m scared and don’t know if people will like me any better once I am no longer anonymous. Too weird?)

And why can’t I pick a theme? My whole entire blog feels lopsided *giant dramatic sob* and I know I sound super whiney right now, but I need a nudge in some direction I can actually blog about without ranting all the time.

And no, it’s not about just getting followers either.

There are fashion and beauty blogs and then blogs about books, writing, lifetstyle… I feel like mine sticks out like a sore thumb, and it’s not a good thing, trust me.

I need my blog to get adopted by The Blogosphere, you know? I’ve been here for a month and I still don’t fit in!

(Jesus. I gotta stop acting like a twelve year old.)

What do you think? Should I “come out” and post my pictures, talk about myself? It would be great to feel needed, important, loved – at some point. Do let me know!

Love xx


41 thoughts on “The Orphan Blog.

  1. You’re not alone, I happen to be in the same boat as you as often as I think about my blog. I don’t know if I like my theme, should I change the photo of myself to a painting portrait I love, should I change the URL/Pen Name, etc. The worst thing to say to someone in an indecisive situation is “Do what you want/feel” because we simply don’t know what that is. I am in constant question about those same things, and what helps me at the end of the day is knowing I’m content (even happy with it sometimes) the moment you feel that, you know you have chosen the right thing.
    In regards to “fitting it” that’s all nonsensical. Everyone who blogs is an outcast in some way or another which is partially why they blog, the real world just doesn’t get our passion so we need to blog about it to others. Yes, they’re are groups within the group that is the blogosphere but nothing is wrong with being a part of a few or even considering yourself part of none. I blog under three categories : books, musings, and writing. People will say you should only have a single blog per topic, that’s stupid. I think you feel a little pressured that you don’t fit into the “how you should blog/be blogging” guidelines. The truth is, there are no real guidelines. They are made up by the people who run “how to become a successful blogger” blogs. If you are writing SOLELY to gain notoriety, you’re missing the entire point. And if you’re not, you have no guidelines because that blog is all you.

    This became a sort of rant because this was something I actually thought about making its own post. But all in all, don’t conform to any “blogging rules or guidelines” because they’re nonsense. Your follower count doesn’t determine how well you are blogging, it determines more how entertaining, informative, or relatable you are. Sometimes people don’t care for readers, just that it’s out there.

    Be completely honest when I ask you this : Why are you blogging?

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    1. That was so thoughtful, Todd. Actually, I blog because I feel like nobody in my vicinity actually GETS me. I feel like I make a joke of myself and talk to much and bore people, so maybe if I blogged about how I felt, I wouldn’t have to worry about what PEOPLE might think. You know? I’m so glad you were going to post about this. Please do. And thank you so, so, SO much for making me feel much better! *hugs* (and you’re awesome – you always comment on my posts:D and I love that!!)

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  2. I think (more blogging advice) it’s extremely important to interact with people you read & your readers. Plus, you write personal, and unmentioned problems many face, and it inspires me to be perhaps a little more open about certain things. Thank you for commenting on my posts as well. It lightens my day!

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      1. Go to my blog and under my blog name is my menu with : About, Contact, Books, Musings, and Writing. Click contact, and fill out the form and it’ll pop up in my email.

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  3. Dear Friend,
    As i see , your blogs are good , likeable , do not need so much polish or cosmetic surgery as such.
    i only look for contents,and they are good. but yeah i dont know about rest of the world. you dont need to feel that you dont fit in . because you are different in many ways . and if you dont feel comfortable putting up your pic , you dont have to .Thats OK . for me blogging is sharing my thought process and experiences . what s it for you. if its the same , then worry about the contents you write and keep interacting with the readers .

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      1. i see you had so many confusions . and also i felt u were little conscious about what people think .Dont worry keep sharing your thoughts . People are anyway gonna judge . so worry less about that . 🙂

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  4. Write about what fuels your soul, love! Write about anything and everything that comes to mind. People will love it, because surely some if not all, can relate. I write about writing because it’s my passion in this chaotic, strange life! I love your writings already, dear 🙂 Keep it up.

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    1. Thank you SO much! I’ll have to post something happy though, I don’t want to sound like a batty old lady with a hairy chin mole. Hahaha. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but still. :))


  5. Hey, doesn’t matter if your blog is anonymous or not.Or maybe it does.:/
    Mine is.And I love it this way.😊
    And yours isn’t,anymore.:P

    I don’t know why I even commented. -.-

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      1. Hahahahahaha that,I do.:D
        And it might be,maybe.When people ask for my Facebook and stuff,I have to tell them that my blog is anonymous and I love the anonymity, so if you don’t mind…!:/
        But since my blog is about finding myself,I like the anonymity. This way I can talk shit about stuff,and nobody cares.:P

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  6. Honestly, I don’t like posting pictures of myself either. Other than my gravatar pic, I’ve only ever posted one picture of myself on here and it was a few days ago, and I am still second guessing the decision.

    When I started my blog I had no idea how anonymous I wanted to be so I just went with my first name and didn’t link to any social media sites. Then WordPress featured one of my posts for a bunch of people to read, and then all my friends knew I had a blog so then I couldn’t write about certain things because I knew they were reading and I didn’t want them to know some things.

    Personally, I like your blog because it stands out like a sore thumb! Keep it up!

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      1. No way! Who are these people. Send them my way. There are so many blogs on here that are the same thing and yours if different because you’re so honest and most of the time funny.

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