Sometimes, all you need is a little nudge in some direction.

I showed some of my photos, of random places in India, to a friend, and this is what happened.

My first photo-post.

This is from last year. Idol-worship is HUGE in India.

Durga pooja is kind of a big deal in West Bengal, where I come from, and I loved this so much I HAD to share it, hahaha.

Love xx


34 thoughts on “The Bengal Life #1

      1. I an stuck in the states, so I travel vicariously through the lives of others! Once I graduate and start making money, I can actually get out and see the world in person.

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      2. Okay and when you come to India, please keep tasers, anti-diarrhoea medicines and do NOT talk politics with your tour guide. Plus, don’t get sucked into their dumb money making schemes.


      1. *Gasps*That’s terrible!Oh my god!
        How could you do this? HOW?!You couldn’t write a post about it?
        I am so heartbroken right now.*sniffs*
        And that too,in this sweltering heat,with the oil pouring outta our pours,like the middle-east. Gawd!

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      2. Hahahhaha now that’s terrifying.
        Fish sure look scary.Those white, white eyes. *VISIBLY SHUDDERS*
        *arranges face in a super sweet expression*Okay.I was rather hasty in that declaration. It came out wrong.What I actually meant was,I LIKE YOU.There.πŸ˜‰:P

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      3. Hahahahha
        I am totally serious.Not threatened at all.
        And you’re 24?!*gasps*
        How could you threaten me?I am a kid, for god’s sake! I am a teeny-tiny 18 year old.*wobbly lip and All*
        And I feel like eating one too,now that you brought that up.-.-
        And that reminds me,I gotta go to sleep.I gotta go back to collegevilla.Exams approaching.:/*sighs*
        (I don’t know how thinking of a donut reminded me of sleep,and college,and exams,but it did.Something is definitely wrong with me.-.-)

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