Get a load of this! Hahahha.

A Girl In Europe

Something’s are best left till at least the 4th date (or unsaid)

  1. ‘This one time in prison…’
  2. ‘I remember for our 10th anniversary, me and my ex girlfriend were..’
  3. ‘Oh god I can’t believe I was nearly engaged last week’
  4. ‘Well my stripping days were all just a bit of fun’
  5. ‘I don’t really have many friends, just cats lots of cats’
  6. ‘This is the first time I’ve been out the house since New Years 2013’
  7. ‘Well my last husband was a 65 year old millionaire but..’
  8. ‘Well my last girlfriend was a little bit thinner than you, but it’s okay I prefer chunky girls’
  9. ‘I’m glad you you chose this Italian restaurant, I’ve been thrown out of 4 others’
  10. ‘If you’re lucky today might be the day I show you my tattoo *winks*.
  11. ‘I still live at home, it’s not weird though me and my mum don’t share a…

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