Nobody lied when they said India was overpopulated.

The chief minister of the state is just about as nice as a snappy anaconda. And maybe a king cobra. Sweet. I’m going to get into so much trouble for this.

Kolkata has tons of ratty looking, boxy little yellow Ambassadors they use as taxicabs, which literally look like this 🚕 and I kid you not, they don’t look appealing. Far from it.

Also the roads are rough enough to make Hitler’s Grandma cry.

And the traffic. Don’t get me started. It’s un-friggin’-believable.


You get to see cool stuff like this.

Those are pigeons. In case you were wondering.

Told you India’s got this huge population!
Sorry about over-blogging today.

Love xx


12 thoughts on “The Bengal Life #2

  1. To be honest,I kinda liked Kolkata when I visited last year.:P
    And you know where I stayed?Bada Bazaar. NOT.OVER-POPULATED.AT.ALL.
    At that time,we wanted the full experience.:P
    All I regret is, not getting on those little trains (what do you call them,trams?:/) even once.:P

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      1. Lol
        You would know.I just see her on TV sometimes,in those white cotton sarees and chappals. 😛
        But yeah,she does look terrifying sometimes,with that perpetual angry expression and politician face.:P
        We love to talk shit about our politicians, don’t we?:D:P

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