My situation right now.

Every time I promise myself I would never fall in love, it’s like Cupid DELIBERATELY smacks me in the heart. (And the boob. Apparently, boobs are very important in a relationship. Even though that makes no sense whatsoever.)

See, here’s the thing. I do NOT want to get married. I’m terrified of ruining some poor bloke’s life. But. I already like this bloke to death. His hair. His floppy dark hair – all over the place, misbehaving, literal shockwave of hair. His eyes. The way they crinkle when he smiles. And holy momma of all things sparkly – his smile. I don’t think I could ever explain the intensity or the brilliance. It’s like looking at a ring light. Like when it reflects in your eyes, and you feel, well, you feel beautiful. Beautiful-er.


He’s what would happen if MonΓ«t, Eminem, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Michelangelo and Ed Sheeran actually collaborated together. Serene yet disturbing, Magnificent, yet shadowed. Deep, yet you could look into his soul. If he let you, that is. He’s poetry, music and art all come to life. Even when he acts like a sass-mouthing fella, you think, Damn, that’s so sexy I can’t stand it!

He’s one of those people after R. Kelly, who wrote the song, You remind me of something, who could actually get away with objectifying you, because he treats you like you’re the only woman in his world, and he’s never going to hurt you. And he won’t let other guys look at you funny. He’d silence them with a glare.

And he actually loves you best when you’re in ratty batman tees, with no makeup on, singing into a hairbrush, being goofy, thinking nobody is watching. But he’s actually peeking and smiling to himself and when you catch him looking at you, he doesn’t let you be embarrassed because he’s so busy kissing the life out of you.

How do you not fall in love with a man like that? How do you hold back? Do you tell him you love him, and that yes, you want to be together, that you’d give anything to keep him forever? Or do you shut up, and keep your promise to yourself about not ruining the poor bloke’s life? What do you do?

Love xx


48 thoughts on “Falling To Pieces.

      1. Oh come one
        Sharing is caring right
        Maybe i can hit on him while he is yours
        And whats the point in being thin man
        Lets have a good life becoming fat
        No dont
        I am on a diet man!!

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  1. Sometimes, I think we worry too much and forget to enjoy the ride. Sometimes the ride is way more fun than the destination, but you won’t ever know unless you jump aboard that ride and let it take you where it takes you.

    And by “ride”, I meant it figuratively, though I suppose it can be taken literally in this context too.

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      1. Well, you don’t have to sign anything in blood, but I understand you don’t want to come across as needy or anything like that. Why not simply do the things you’re normally doing and drop subtleties here and there indicating how much you like him?

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      2. Hmmm…although I’m a firm believer in saying the past is the best predictor of the future, every individual is different, so you have to allow a chance when it comes. Don’t assume it will end, but at the same time, come to realize that all ending have a new beginning.

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  2. Don’t think too much. Just do. (wow, I sound like Yoda now). He seems like everything that you want in a man, so go for it! Nothing worse in life than a missed opportunity. And yes, they absolutely make sense. πŸ˜€

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      1. No:((((( I don’t even know what this is supposed to be. I’ve had way too many failed relationships and I would be a moron to venture into another one or expect too much out of anybody.

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      1. Oh yes rant blog but you can find useful suggestions also which you can apply & then rant about them if they fail πŸ˜€ and yeah forget the pladge.. I would blindly want to be with someone wearing batman tee & jumbled hair but all beauty in her imperfections πŸ˜€

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      2. Ok I won’t tell anybody when now everybody knows πŸ˜€ and yeah falling so easily also has its cons and gals should not fall easily. Their main strength is to keep the guys waiting and wanting for as long as possible πŸ˜€ now you Shhh !! πŸ˜›

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