No. We are not promiscuous. How ever you may think. We are not slutbunnies. We are not b*tchwhores.

Dear Indian men, stop categorizing!

Whatever your jerktastic friends have told you, was a lie. Is a lie. Bengali women are awesomesauce. They’re loyal as eff. If they like you, they’ll always like you. They’ll treat you like family. Best friends. And if they fall in love with you, they’ll love you to the moon. Never back. You’ll have to stay up there. Maybe heights make you dizzy, and you blame her for being too clingy?

Whatever. Nothing is her fault. Okay?

Sometimes she needs space; no, she is not giving her boss head in his office. She’s probably smoking ciggies in the loo. Contrary to what you may think, she is definitely not a prostitute. If she’s gotten far in life, it’s because she’s worked hard, and that does not mean lying on many, many desks, spread-eagled and sweaty, no. She certainly has not screwed her way to the top. No.

If she’s being friendly with men, it does not mean she enjoys talking about certain parts of the human anatomy, no. When she does not send you a good morning text, it means she’s passed out, drooling over her textbooks, not because she’s spent the night with another man. If she’s not interested in some coochie-cooing with you at the moment, it does not mean she’s getting some elsewhere. It’s just that she’s stressed and the last thing on her mind is your batteries. Okay? Okay.

Moving on.

When she says she wants a life and a future with you, she most certainly is not kidding. She’s actually serious as eff. She does want your babies. She’s also impatient, and if you keep postponing your dates, um, Houston, we’ve got a major problem.

And lastly, what was that you said about her language and her parents? Bloody EFFING language and bloody effing parents with new money?

Well, goodbye.

Love xx


72 thoughts on “The Truth About Bengali Women.

  1. Having grown up in Bengal almost all my life (16 years). I can totally relate to your views. Bengali girls are truly one of the most fun loving and open minded people I have come across. To be true, 80% of the girls who are my friends are bengali’s. They are very friendly, out going and best people to hang out with.

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      1. Hahahaha agreed – living in a non-bengali state (that’s MP) I do that frequently with my pals lol! Finally someone I can relate to here in the blogging world yippeeee!

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  2. u nailed it .. its a stereotype & nonsensical thing. why should they be calling bengali women such a thing ??? brain damage ?? i do not support such people who think bengali women have to check on their behavior(sorry i cannot use such words)
    i also have bengali friends and they are such nice people to be with .

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      1. use the same missile to chuck the men out who speak wrong about bengali women .. like broomstick , old steel vessels without copper bottom , heels of ur old slippers…

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  3. Good to know something or I would say many things about a Bengali gal πŸ˜‰ I have a Bengali frnd(a gal) but I didn’t talk much with her but it was good to spend time with her as she was always bubbly and open to every kinda talks πŸ˜‰ But seriously stereotyping is so disgusting. Accept people on their merits and not on the limited rumors you heard from some untrusted source πŸ˜€

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      1. May be its genetic or weekend speaking πŸ˜€ I was trying to tell the same thing what you were trying to convey with ur post which is no doubt super awesome πŸ˜€ and I m waiting for my Hedwig πŸ˜›

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  4. OMG hii!! I didn’t realize you were bengali when I followed your blog πŸ˜›
    I loved your posts so thought to follow up today with a lots of spare time
    Are you from west bengal or Bangladesh?
    Nice meeting you virtually bengali friend!

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  5. *sees a post about Bengalis with a bunch of Bengalis in the comments*
    *waves hands excitedly*
    “Sign me up for whatever this is!!”

    Great post, by the way! I’m also Bengali, but I grew up outside Kolkata my entire life, and I’ve never actually encountered this stereotype! Sounds ridiculous, to be honest! Stereotyping is dumb. I must say though, love the sarcasm and wit with which you’ve penned this response! πŸ™‚

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      1. haha thanks!
        *My apologies for the stalking routine I’m currently engaged in! Your blog is too good to stop!*

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      2. I’m all about rants. My friend complains that I rant all too much on my blog, and I’m trying to change that xD

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      1. Oh Biryani. Please don’t make me homesick.

        And by the way, the equation has changed. And some people might get offended as well, but I still can’t warp my head around the fact that Hyderabad is no longer in AP.

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  6. I know this is late, and it probably looks like I stalked your blog into the next millennium going back to May. But your little rants are way too funny. I read them with a smile on my face, and it never leaves. Being Bengali I loved this!

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