I always get called a lot of names. I thought I would amuse you with some of that. It’s hilarious.

1. Schizophrenic:

Oh hello, voices in my head. So nice to meet you!


2. Sarcastic b*tch:

Like, seriously?

Because last time I checked, I was definitely human, not a female dog.

As for the sarcastic part, everyone needs some armor, mine being the gift of ironic gab: because, let’s face it – we can’t all have fictional superpowers.


3. Slutbunny:

What does this even mean? A little fluffy white baby mammal who’s also a hooker? Weird. Who comes up with these words? Let’s have a round of sarcastic applause.

Even an over-sexualized cartoon character isn't a slutbunny.

4. Snob.

I can’t even….!

How is this MY FAULT?

5. This one is epic – Boy-crazy:

Wow. If I were, I’d have had twenty abortions by now. And look! I haven’t even properly hit third base! Yay.

Also depends on who the BOY, or boys, in question is – is it This Guy?


Well. Oh. I’m totally boy-crazy. *Droooool*

6. Guitar:

Because. People think it’s absolutely okay to play me and then leave.

No resemblance.

But then, I let them. So here it’s completely MY fault.

7. Cowardly little girl:

I don’t get it. How does one contradict their own statement? On one hand I’m a huge b*tch, and on the other, I’m also a little girl?


And just so you know, there’s nothing – nothing, NOTHING little about me. *punches you in the face.*

8. Monotonous and Boring:

So you think I’m boring, that my blog is dumb, well, who asked you to read it? I certainly haven’t.

You said it, Zelda Fitzgerald.

9. Attention seeking butthead:

Yes. I am. I pretend to be a victim, I exaggerate, I lie, I crack jokes and people laugh. Happy? How is that dangerous to the ozone layer?

Oooh. It isn’t? Good.

And everyone likes attention. It feels like a toasty warm blanket of hugs. It isn’t a crime!

Rant over.

Love xx


78 thoughts on “Things People Mistake Me For.

      1. Haha…and this one time someone called me a whore and i was like
        Just how ironic is it to call a virgin a whore man!
        Apart from my dad and some cousins and jerk besties
        I havent slept with a man whom i can have sex with lol

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      2. I say…we should ask them to look in the mirror
        You know…u are going to love tis
        So this bestie of mine said that i am very slutty around boys so i told her to stand in front of the mirror and ask the mirror who the sluttiest girl in the world is
        I am sure it will say your name lol

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      3. I hate this weird sort of over-categorizing. If you’re wearing something a little revealing, maybe a low cut shirt or a tank top or maybe shorts, people call you whore thingamajigs. And God forbid if you’re nice to people and if you’re friendly with guys, you’re a slut. Obviously. Messed up logic. No wonder India is so screwed in the head. Right?

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      4. I totally know what u are saying
        U know…not all women need to have great srnse bonding with other women
        Some maybe more comfortable with men
        Not in a carnal way but more in a dont give a damn way
        This is something that the indians wouldnot ever understand

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      5. …And say mean stuff like OMG that b*tch talks about crap and she’s posted about camel toes on a like, public forum! Like what the eff? My friends gave me hell about that post and I won’t take it down!

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      6. Yeah dude… You shouldn’t either
        You know it irritates me when the whole world around you wants to dictate to you about how to live your life and what your next move should when they themselves dont even know how to eat using chopsticks lol

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  1. haha.. had fun time reading the posts and those pictures so fit in well. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚ See those name callings have done some good too at least for me for delivering good laughs πŸ˜€

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      1. Aww Ditto :*
        Okay,I will wait a little longer.(if economics honors doesn’t kill me first)-.-
        And I feel you,dude.Name calling is shit.People would go to any lengths to screw with you.People have been calling me stuff forever,but I was fine with it.I didn’t care. But I got this roomie.That wacko spreads shit around like nobody’s business.And the stuff isn’t even true.So yeah,I wouldn’t have cared about it either, but she is evil,that one!She has multiple faces.She is sweet_sickeningly so_to you,and the next moment you know,she called you evil,evil names. She just makes me so mad!GOD!

        Over-the-top dramatic? πŸ˜›
        And kinda out of context. :/
        I totally forgot I am writing this in a comment box.
        Maybe I should make a post about it.*eyes narrowed and nodding*

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      2. Please do! Post about it. And roomies in India, specially, are crap. They are walking talking vile disaster causing saber tooth tigers. I had one of those too. But she doesn’t even ripple now. She’s gone and I’ve cut her out like you go cut gangrene out. And please feel free to say whatever you want here. I love all of my friends out here. You all are amaaaaaazing with cherries on top!


        Liked by 1 person

      3. Agreed.*Nods*
        And a great description of roomies,in general.*smirks*
        And I am gonna shift to another room from next semester.So I need to tolerate the wacko for, like, a week more, till my exams are over.
        I would say,good riddance to her face.And would, maybe,resort to naming calling myself.
        Let’s give her a taste of her own medicine. Hmm,that’s an awesome idea.I am pleased with myself.πŸ‘Ώ

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  2. omg i lol’ed hard when i read this! actually we have things in common because people usually call me snob and sarcastic b*tch even though i do admit sometimes i get too sarcastic xD nice meeting you btw. I had fun reading your blog πŸ˜€


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  3. hey do i have the right to say u sorry. I mean it. 😦 😦 i am pretty upset that i hurt u unknowingly. U can say me whatever u want. I am bad guy who hurts people 😦 😦 i feel hurt about it. Pls forgive me 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      1. i am saying u sorry because yesterday on this post i said just for fun that i may hit u with a broom( just for fun) then u all thought i was name calling u……name caller….that word hit deep in my heart….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. This post wasn’t for you! Is that what you thought? I’m so sorry. It was for certain morons in my life who think they’re awesome And flawless and can call me whatever they like and get away with it! 😦

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      3. hey u know i am basically a simple guy….amaye oneke ra sida sada bacha bole bhaingay….they cant tolerate innocence n simplicity bcs they themselves are stupid. Now u know 1nc it happened few months back i had a friend whose name was same as my crush now our friendship had just started to elevate in a good way. We started to tease and even flirt each other. Now strangely 1nc she was teasing me by distorting my name n say ‘su’ its irritates me. I warned her twice but she was in very jollly mood like i was. Now i told her i used to call my crush with a name Kamini, when she looked very cute and naughty. I dont know suddenly what happened to her. She said we cant be friends anymore goodbye forever. unfriend. Read my that story A cold night. you will get it

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      4. By the way Miss Little Rants may i know your good name if u dont mind? I am Sulagno Chakraborty basically born in Midanpore but spent my entire childhood in Lucknow. What about u dear? πŸ™‚

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  4. #lolstruck
    I don’t think from now I’d ever waste my time seeking humour. I’ll turn to you πŸ˜›
    Had a good time laughing the shit outta me.
    On a serious note it’s them who try to seek your attention by their obscene gestures; let em f#ck themselves. You continue doing your noble work, keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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