How can you NOT drool over this guy?

I was watching White Collar today, all the episodes, back to back, and oh dear Lord, how HOT DOES MATT BOMER LOOK?


I don’t know what’s with me and men in suits. I would much rather go 😻😻😻 over a man in suit than a shirtless one. Am I too weird?

I’ve always been a sucker for power dressing. Crisp suits. Sharp ties. Brougues shined to perfection. Ooooh. Dreamy. I think I’ve also finally grown up. Definitely a bad sign.


And obviously, I’ve overdosed on Matt Bomer’s jawline way too much. 

(In an alternate universe – because in this universe, I’m way too disaster-prone to be dating anyone), If a guy asked me out and showed up in a suit on our first date, I’d totally go insane! And dream all sorts of things, read:💘💍👰🎩👶.

Sooch you’re scaring people away. Like, stop.

There’s something wrong with me, even more than usual. I’m talking babies and stuff way too much. *shudder*

But, seriously though.

Imagine a guy in suit with a smile featuring several dimples! Aaah. *Dies*

Do you like guys in suits, or jeans and one of those hoodie thingamajigs? And guys, do you like wearing suits? Would you wear a one on a first date?

PS: I’m not a fan of birthday suits. πŸ˜›

Love xx


69 thoughts on “Men In Suits.

  1. no birthday suits … how bout swim suits? πŸ™‚
    I happen to love a man in a nice suit. But it doesn’t have to be a suit – – slacks and silk dress shirt – sans tie – – can be very hot too. Oh what the H – I just love men, LOL

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  2. I have to admit, I do like the occasional bare chest pic.. but a suit? YUM! Esp if he knows how to carry it! I am also not a huge fan of the birthday suit, maybe we just have very good imaginations? LOL

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  3. Definitely love a man in a suit. I was picked up last month for a date and he told me to wear a dress. When I opened my front door, there he was in all of his dapper glory! Grey suit, white crisp shirt, black tie and tan skin. I’m not one to sleep around but boy did I have to absolutely convince myself not to tackle that man. Something about a suit! I couldn’t stop gawking like a crazed teenager. Thank God I wore a hot little dress *PHEW*

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  4. I agree with you and you chose a really good example to start this post… yumm…. but I have to say not every man rocks a suit… but I totally get what you are saying. I like guys who dress nicely too.

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      1. Look at the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and The Animals.. I’d bet the way they presented themselves to the parents of American children on the Sullivan show put them at ease.

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  5. This is going to be a delightful little haunt to visit on the weekends/ tool belts…… men in tool belts/ tool belts are the only real belts to boot.

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  6. HEYYYY. Okay, First of all, love love love your blogs.
    and Second of all.. MATT BOMER IS BY HUSBAND. ❀ (He's just telling people he's gay so that our relationship isnt exposed..shhh)
    And i agree, suits are sexy af.
    oh, do you watch suits?
    – Parnal x

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