The sky looked like this when I left. An hour in the car and it started pouring. Literal pouring. The sky leaking like crazy.

It’s impossible to drive in this weather. Or even be in the passenger seat, without feeling like you’d jump out of your skin any moment.

I’m terrified of slippery roads. And I might be suffering from night-blindness, because I go batcrap nuts while driving at night. With other cars’ headlights glaring loudly at me. Gah!

There was this one time while I was out with Dad and one of my uncles and the sky started its giant peeing.

And it was dark.

And there were humongous puddles and then a truck overtook us and sloshed the car we were in and for a minute it felt like we were underwater.

I haven’t been the same person since.

How I hate this kind of surprises!

Look at the stupid overcast sky!

Did you guys ever experience any kind of getting-sloshed-and-drowning-while-in-the-car feeling?

Let me know!

Love xx


24 thoughts on “Deception.

  1. I’ve been “super soaked” by too many trucks/semi’s in the past, but the worst rain I’ve been in was in Wisconsin. The sky literally “opened up” – it was as if someone turned the fire hose on the car. Wipers couldn’t clear it – fortunately was in a parking lot so I just put the beast in park and waited out the storm. Fortunately, it was done after a few minutes. But it was definitely an “under water” experience.

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  2. I love rain. Best part is getting wet in them. πŸ™‚
    Once when I was travelling in an auto-rickshaw during the monsoon, a SUV whirled passed us. Splashing stagnant and dirty water on me. I did let out a big rant on the driver. πŸ˜›
    *I so envy you now* (Even mom teases me with it’s raining here in Kolkata. How about there?)

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  3. I agree, LR, it is scary when the rain is so hard the wipers can’t keep up and you can’t see. I have pulled over where it’s save and waited it out, yes. At night, headlights shining in from the other side of the road? Worse? You bet!

    And then here in Syracuse, N.Y., even worse is the snow in the winter, so thick and coming right at you as you try to drive on the highway. And when the wind is whipping that stuff around, forget it. They have an official weather term for it here. It’s called a white-out. Exactly. Visibility, zero. Car crashes, many. Ack! One night I got out from reviewing a Tim McGraw concert at an arena 30 miles from my house in Syracuse, and it was one of these blinding snowstorms. On the New York State Thruway, speed limit 65 mph, all I could do was crawl along at 5 mph and follow the red taillights of the truck in front of me and pray that he didn’t drive off the road into a ditch. If he did, I would have been in the ditch right behind him. My second prayer was that he did not pull of an exit before mine! I finally got home, a half-hour trip turned into a three-hour nightmare. Three feet of snow had fallen, and I had to shovel my driveway to get my car into it and off the street. That night ruined me for driving in snow. I only do it if I really, really must, LR.

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  4. I live in Texas and if you’ve been following any of the news lately you probably already know, we’re drowning over here. It’s been non-stop flooding for a week straight and it’s about to start again for the rest of the night. I, personally, LOVE storms but I love to be inside and watch the crap hit the fan. Not be caught out in it. That’s when I start to get paranoid. Plus getting rained on in my clothes and make up and such pisses me off to no end… Makes sense right? I love storms but I hate to be rained on lol.

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  5. Hey dear i wanna share with a my story as well regarding that but yeah the after affects of the storm that hit. Unfortunately that day i met my crush and fell in love with at first sight. That day only after delay for weeks rain hit. I am usually excited when rain comes and this time you can feel the reason. Skies grew dark and cold since afternoon and rained all night. I was still thinking of the angel i had met at my classes the same day. I felt real romantic <3. Next when i woke the after affects began. In the morning it was not raining but drizzling. When i came out to go for my classes i was like oh what the f*** how will i go? Water water everywhere not a places to stand. As the road had turned into a river due to water logging there was no point in pulling up my jeans and stops from getting drenched. Ok somehow i managed to get out some distance without being drenched.(Ise kahte hai style se :D) Now how long will i walk. I got onto a cycle rickshaw initially the water was only tills the wheels later on as we went my entire lower body got submerged in the water. Don't know may be 3 feet deep water it was. Still after a lot of struggle reached for my class (in between i took a bus ans there road was fine hopefully πŸ™‚ ) But yeah i cant tell u the excitement to see my crush again that day. When i approached she gave me a broad smile. She was standing at a side of the corridor alone, waiting for me. At that time i wished something magical to happen. i wanted to hold her in my arms, wrap her, and feel her tender lips in mine; those lips which smiled broadly whenever our eyes met. ❀


  6. I got ambushed the other day my a heavy downpour while on the interstate and then lo and behold nickel sized hail started smart bombing while I was driving. Scariest moment I have ever had driving I thought the windshield was going to smash into pieces. It sounded like I was taking artillery fire, luckily I was able to get to an exit and pull into a bank drive thru to wait it out.

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  7. Not only have I had that experience, but in 1996 the car I was driving actually drowned! I drove into a low spot in torrential rain and water came in under the doors, over the good…goodbye, newly paid off car. I was afraid of rain, even lying in bed at night, for a long time after that.

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  8. Haha! I am sorry but I find the energy with which you write really exquisite. And yes, I too have got a similar sensation of drowning while being safe in a car. Though, the experience wasn’t life-changing but yes, it stops the heart for a moment. πŸ˜€

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