Okay. Today was officially the worst day of my life. I know I say this a lot, but I mean it now, okay?

I spent five hours at this hospital, only I was a patient this time.

I’d been having terrible spells of breathlessness; so, my doctor – who was super nice by the way, and I’m not being my usual sarcastic self – asked me to get several tests done. The tests being ECG, echo, TMT and X-Ray thorax.


Guess what happened?

I had to half-strip four times. And four people had amazing view of my woman pecs and Vic’s Sec. I had weird jelly rubbed on me. And probes stuck to my skin. And I had to run on the treadmill. For fifteen minutes. With people watching me. Beadily.

For all of you out there, do NOT get heart problems. People will stick things onto your skin. And poke you with needles.

I spent 17000 INR today. On my tests alone. And surprise, surprise, I’m fine. As for now. Fit as a fiddle with anxiety issues. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow though, when they take some of my blood, for routine blood work. I’m sure my blood will splatter the walls and the ceiling, because that sort of thing will totally happen to me.

Now, I hate needles with a passion. And blood. I know what you’re thinking, what kind of a moronic doctor IS she? I’m the moron kind. I hate needles and blood, to re-emphasize my point.

Tomorrow is gonna suck more. I’m already scared. What if they find thingamajigs in my blood and say I’ve got unthinkable diseases? Oh. My. God.

Patients are strong people. I never knew. I’m never gonna judge them when they won’t let me examine them the next time.
Scaredy-cat Sooch. 

And I’ve never felt more violated or more like a stripper in my whole life! Four people saw me in my VS! Four! *sob*

Love xx


94 thoughts on “I’m A STRIPPER?!

    1. Hehe! I dont think she want to step up mountain!! The way,you had suggested is to make more & more emotional to someone who is already too much emotional!!Lol!!

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      1. Its all about perspective how u look at it. The way arunima sinha faced the odds even when every situation was against her was something u have to see.. Its not just about climbing mountains..the main essence in her story is how she converted her weakness to strength how she showed the resilience . that’s what matters in ur life. So if a person can see in that way it is still a motivating factor. So in that context ur lol-ing is not much appreciated here .

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      2. hehehe!again big Lol!!Then why you dont use that message for yourself?If you can use that then you will also be the one of the greatest personalities in the world!!& then there will be no need to find others example to motivate other,you can give your own example to motivate!!but thats impossible for you to do!!!!!!!!!1it look like U R philosopher!LoL!!!!1

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      3. I have enough real time examples .. To give and I am always self motivated person. Its only people like u who just try to pull people down. When u haven’t known a bit about my life I don’t think its appropriate to talk about it.had u ever known the kind of growth I had u would never had dared to speak .. I feel laughing .. No guffawing actually ..

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      4. Haha!! now actually you are looking down at me!!It seems you had achieved everything in your life so that nothing is remained to achieve,its gr8 thing that there is someone on this planet who had achieved everything. chill down & keep your temper down…..or other wise you will suffer with high blood pressure!! hahahahahah!! Lol!!!!!!!

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      1. you must need “Mintoss-dimag ki batti jala de!”….Mintoss is a miraculous chocolate available in market & which will definitely melt your freezed brain!!!!!!!!

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  1. You are going to be fine, LR. You got through the first part, the strangers staring at you. Tomorrow you’ll get through the second part, the strangers stabbing at you. It only hurts for a second. Promise. I have diabetes so they have to take gallons of my blood every six months to check my A1C. OK, pints. Alright, vials. Anyway, I gotta get poked by the blood draw needle and I don’t like it either and I’m here to tell you you’ll be OK. My blood never splatters on them. NEVER! πŸ˜‰ They’re going to tell you it’s your anxiety. So take a deep breath, OK?

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      1. Try the no water with meals thing. Have some water after. Also try to avoid fizzy stuff too much, cause they fill you up and kill your hunger momentarily, only to come back with a giant whoosh later.

        Plus, you gotta follow a schedule when it comes to meals. And absolutely do not skip breakfast. Ever.

        I sound like a Mum. Yikes.


  2. Had similar experience with my patients. So whenever I ask them to do something as regards running a test, I totally beg them especially when they refuse. Trust me I know what it fees like being a patient. Please could you vote for or against the president of Burundi as regards his 3rd bid on my blog. Cheers. Tomorrow will be fine.

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