The worst part about what they call “Townships” is that they look like ghost towns, specially when they are under construction. Skeleton houses. Clones. The large, looming, unfriendly presence creeps me out.

Cookie cutter concrete-gingerbread houses. It looks like someone bombed the place! At least my picture does.


And they have model homes that they give you a tour of and the cutlery and paintings and well-furnished rooms always make me wonder if invisible people actually live there.


My parents just bought a villa, and they dragged me along to see how far things had progressed. Now, I don’t understand why people need so many houses but I tagged along, because I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

The model home was so effing freaky! It had this birdcage thingamajig.

And paintings on the walls. Of people. Oh dear Lord.




Thank Goodness there were no mannequins propped up on the living room chairs. I’d have run away screaming. Yes, I am a giant baby. Everything terrifies me. Go on, laugh.

Love xx


53 thoughts on “Ghost Town.

      1. I have an abnormal phobia of factories. Like the huge power plants or steel mills. I cannot even drive past one without my gut clenching up and breaking out in a cold sweat. I have gone skydiving, and I have been in a fistfight with a man on more than one occasion, but I act like a little bitch when I drive past a factory.

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      1. Haha! Thanks, I did myself up as a “fractured porcelain doll” a couple of years ago, and I made a couple of children cry when I was handing out candy on Halloween. I felt terrible about that. But it was pretty funny at the same time.

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      2. I have no clue what it is… they just creep me the fuck out! The worst are the abandoned ones!!!!! Horrifying!

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  1. OMG I just realized in the photo you took on the bottom, the center picture of the boy carrying a pot, at first glance I saw it as a giant sack of balls with a penis hanging down LMFAO! I had to do a double take!

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  2. I think I have a draft saved about penises. I should finish writing it and actually post it. It is something about what I would do if I had a penis for just one day. I wrote it in the middle of the night when I was awake in a bad bout of insomnia.

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      1. Ok after I take a bath I will make sure I actually finished writing it, and then I will post it lol! šŸ˜‚

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      1. Oh. I got my hopes up. Yeah that’s strange. Did they see the place and think “wow, this would be the best possible place to live! I like the bombed town feel it has.”

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  3. It’s so desolate, LR. If I lived in a forsaken place like that, one drink too many and I’d forget whicb haunted villa was mine and walk in on the wrong ghost!

    Boooooo! Hey, you’re the wrong dude to scare!

    Your parents want privacy, they’ll have privacy, all right. Gack.

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      1. hahahahaha …. that’s like how ? how ? how ?
        i mean be a brave girl dear .. come the party and i will let you be friendly with ghosts .. they are good .. hahahaha .. and funny tooo … hahaha šŸ˜‰
        u know what right now its not me who is texting its a ghost who is listening to me and writing .. we are like buddies forever … šŸ˜‰ hahahahaha

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      2. did i just made you to not to look at your laptop for one more week … oh please come back .. my ghost as getting angry to me for making you leave ..


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