…Wednesdays are the worst. I will always say this till I die and then die some more.

WTF moment #1: I was on the bus, going somewhere, and they started playing this movie. Bang Bang. It’s supposed to be a remake of Knight and Day. Well, RIP Knight and Day.

I don’t understand Bollywood movies.

In case you didn’t know,

1) …kissing seems to be the most, erm, important topic. The lead actors keep asking each other, “Have you ever snogged? Ooh. How many people have you snogged? Have you snogged someone like me?”


2) …wardrobe changes are super-highlighted. And there are always these, songs, totally out of context. Like seriously, why? Why must every movie be a musical? Do we need this in our lives? No.

3) …there’s abso-effing-lutely no plot. Same storylines. Same overly-dishy-boy-meets-overly-cute-girl. Too many actors and too less roles. I’ve made a mental note – I’m never travelling by bus ever again, and if I do, I’ll make sure not to get hopped up on ten gallons of coffee before my trip. Jesus.

WTF moment #2: Once I got home yesterday, I realized I had to go take my vitamin shots. Heads up: I’m kinda malnourished. Haha. No, not kidding. I really am. And for all of you out there who are planning to suffer from freaky eating disorders, do not – I repeat, do NOT give yourself vitamin deficiency to the point that you need injections to replenish your dead vitamin levels. Thank you.

I never knew that they’d give me injections in the, um, derriere. I thought they’d just push the effing needle into my arm. And let me go. But nope, nothing doing. They actually tackled me and it wasn’t fun. Butt-shots. How do the Kardashians (sorry about the K-reference, but it’s a crucial part of WTF Wednesday) do it? Butt-shots, I mean? So embarrassing and painful! I’ve never cried more in my life. I was bawling all the way back to work. Still am.

By the end of the month I’ll be like this:


WTF moment #3: Also, I do not understand why people unfollow each other, delete comments and frankly, I don’t understand shade-throwing. Whatever happened to live and let live?


I was friends with this, erm, person and then he unfollowed me and he’s deleted all his comments on my blog and all my comments on his, so now I’m like:


Plus, I inspired a very interesting rant blog. How thoughtful, don’t you think?

Well, this was weird. As usual. Someone guessed I’ve got ADD – you’re right, I do. I’m eating flax seeds to solve that itty bitty problem – hope I’ll be okay soon. It’s not funny being both the doctor and the patient, at the same time. I’ve got such a hard life.

*dramatic heartfelt sigh*

Now. Where’s my smoothie?


Love xx


61 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #2.

  1. You’re a real smoothie all right, LR. 😉 No sudden movements from you at all here. 🙂

    1. For my movie reviewing hat I went to a Bollywood romantic comedy because I was being both curious and culturally expansive for the price of one ticket. I read all the subtitles dutifully but refused to dance along in the aisles. I did not snog with any strangers in the theater.

    2. I give myself needed shots in thigh or stomach. Can’t you talk them into those locations, or are you too thin there? Could be! I’m no Kardashian but my doc gave me some flab allowances I guess.

    3. Some people can’t leave well enough alone. Not you. The mad deleter and rant-poster. They call it water under the bridge for a reason. You got sold down the river! Bygones goes to be-gones with just a slight change and no deletions needed. Geez. You’re the bigger person.


    1. Gulp. You braved a Bollywood movie? Did you like it? And you better not snog strangers. Mrs. B and I will both kill you!

      My nurse was a giant nutter. And she refused to give me the dumb shot in my arm. And it’s intramuscular. So no other option!

      And yes. I’m a tiny big person!



      1. Yes, I reviewed Shuddh Desi Romance, and I rather liked it, Suchie. And of course it goes without saying, no snogging elsewhere!

        OK, nutter could go arm or derriere only and would not go arm. Bah.

        You stay large of soul, LR. I have faith you will.

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      2. Well, to my knowledge, re: the shot location, you COULD use the large thigh muscle (Upper Outer Quadrant locus, away from the psiatic nerve). It’s also a big muscle, even in skinny ffolkes such as yourself… Less exposure of embarrassing body parts, too…

        Not a bad little rant…. for an amateur….


        I may be the one who called you on the ADD, though, I think I noted you as a polymath, often a side-effect of ADD…. I’m of the opinion that ADD is, for some, a natural state of mind; there are just too many interesting things to perceive, and think about, to waste a lot of time on any one of them…. Once one understands a subject, moving on to something else is natural; those with ADD who are also p0lymathically intelligent, find it to be more useful than troublesome… Me, for instance…. Almost everything I see, or read, or perceive is interesting to me, if only because I don’t already know it….

        Keep on ranting, little lady…. (and I mean that in a good way, not derogatory, like some southern butthead… southern US, that is…)

        Blessed Be

        gigoid, the dubious


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      3. You didn’t say I had ADD. 🙂

        And my evil nurse was adamant about the butt injection. Despite my repeatedly asking her to give me the shot in the deltoid or the thigh. She just wouldn’t listen. Crazy woman.

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      4. I hate to mention it, but, doesn’t medical ethics leave the choice of ANY treatment up to the patient, if there are no other clinical considerations?

        Sorry, but, I tend to be dubious about most things, and I seem to recall, in all of my extensive reading of medical science and philosophy, the patient is the one who drives the bus, in a medical interaction… At least. that is what it says in all the medical ethics books and policy manuals I’ve read, which includes that of the American Medical Association..

        Never give in to bullies, my dear…. that’s all she was…. Crazy, yes, to think she has the right to tell you where to take an injection; legally, that is malpractice. going beyond the scope of her duties…

        Besides, you’re a doctor, and need to lead the way in ethical standards; correcting a nurse for stepping over the line like that would be part of your responsibility as the team leader, even IF you’re the patient…

        NOBODY has the right to tell anyone what treatment they should have to receive, if they choose otherwise… It is the duty of the doctor to advise and recommend, never to demand compliance…. and, a nurse certainly doesn’t have that right… In my opinion, such misbehavior comes from poor training, and poor management by the hospital’s administration, including the doctors on staff, who are supposed to lead the way…

        Sorry for the mini-rant; this touches a very sensitive button for me; I am in constant battle with HMO’s and doctors to get them to act from medical jurisprudence, instead of corporate profit-driven policies, and their own mistaken sense of entitlement, as most tend to enter any interaction with the idea they know more about my health than I do…. which is, simply, impossible.

        Again, sorry for ranting; medical ethics is an important subject to me….


        gigoid. the dubious…

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      5. This is India. :))) and small towns are like that. Featuring monster nurses.

        Nobody cares about the patient’s discomfort. And I hate being a doctor. For the very same reason. The other doctors and the nurses act like they’re all the Prime Minister(s) of the Universe. If you know what I mean?

        This is just small townsey Indian behavior. Patients are treated like #%!$!

        Don’t be sorry about the ranting. This is a RANT blog, after all.

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      6. I hear what you’re saying… and NOT saying. Small towns can get that way, and small people always need to find ways to make themselves feel bigger. Their usual method is to try to belittle others, thus, in their eyes, assuming the upper status… I love puncturing their balloons, for bullies are almost always also cowards…

        Take care, young paduan, and Blessed Be… you may hate being a doctor, but, that may help you to be a better one…


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  2. WTF Moment #3 – So last week I’d been to Kashmir on a family trip. I returned this monday. Just a couple of hours back I met a friend of mine.
    *hugged* I so wish he would have been a girl; that’s anytime a better feeling. ‘Whoa. You are still alive. I thought you must have passed during the aftershocks in Nepal. I tried calling you but in vain,’ he giggled. ‘Bach gaya re tu toh.’
    All I could say was,’WTF! ‘

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  3. Hey some b-woods are fab!*indignant*
    They are not all bad.(Even though I haven’t watched a new one in a while,what with my exams and all :P)
    But still…they all don’t suck.They are rather entertaining sometimes.:/

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      1. Okay,bang bang is shit.I agree wholeheartedly.-.-
        They donnot get to compare it to KNIGHT AND DAY.That was an awesome movie.Bang bang?Shitty to no end.:|
        But bollywood movies aren’t all bad.Some are pretty good,actually.

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  4. hahaha…..snogging someone. I have known smooches but snogging is a new word to my vocab lol Thanks to share your funny n hilarious thoughts. You should better enroll yourself for laughter challenge 😀


  5. I always learn something when I read your blog. I now have the word “snogged” in my vocabulary. 3 minutes ago I did not. Also, I thought I told you to have a great day!

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  6. I see by your comment/IM section ( 😉 ) many of your commenters are from India, as you are… As an American who reads WAY more than the average of my fellows, I can tell you “snogging” is a purely British slang; here we have many words to euphemize kisses; liplock, smooch, faceplant, and the ever-popular “gimme a wet one, baby” popular among lounge lizards….

    I’ve seen the term “snog” frequently in British fiction; it’s all through the Harry Potter books, and a lot of their crime mystery books as well….

    As for movies…. SIGH… I gave up on the entire movie industry back in the 80’s…. both Holly, and Bolly, woods, and a lot of independent films as well. None of it seemed to me to be worthwhile, either as a lesson, or as Art…. and, yes, when the entire cast breaks out into song, right in the middle of a scene, it makes my eyes cross, right before my entire head explodes…

    Keep up the ranting; you’re a natural at it…

    gigoid, the dubious


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  7. Ah I see you had some rough moments. Bang Bang really had the potential to ruin a day on its own. I don’t have much to say about the vitamin shots except that you better start having your favorite meal without caring much about the heart attacks 😀 At least they sound respectable, don’t they? And if you survived them, you would be having an amazing story to share 😛
    And people really have the time and the will to go and delete individual comments ! Your reaction to them is perfect for them. 😉
    I am sure the coming Wednesdays won’t be so cruel as things can only get better from here 😉

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