This guy is a genius. Like, really, REALLY.


The Captain's Speech

I’m telling you right now, this was an awful idea. Keeping reading, anyways!

I always like trying something different with my blog. This post is extremely different. If someone tells me this has been done before, I won’t believe you.

I wanted to do something with music. Specifically, lyrics. So, I had the bright idea to combine lyrics from different songs and form sentences. Some of you are probably calling me a genius right now and I thank you for that.

What I did was I scrolled through my song list and stopped at 110 different songs. For each song, I skipped ahead to the 1:30 mark and wrote down the first words that I heard.

That took me 45 minutes to do.

So once I had the lyrics written out, I paired them together to create weird sentences. I’ve made the second half of the sentence a different…

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