I started blogging on March 7, 2015, and I realize I haven’t introduced myself properly. Now that I’ve hit nearly 250 followers – readers – I thought I’d formally reintroduce myself.

So hello.

I’m Suchie. I like to be called Sooch.

I’m a doctor. I loathe my job. I blog – and annoy people – on the side. So far I’ve inspired a couple of other rant blogs, been the recipient of numerous name-calling sessions and survived.

I also have tons of heath issues that I like to make fun of.

Every Wednesday I post a WTF Wednesday blog with several Kardashian references.

I love food. Mostly chicken, pizza and donuts; I love donuts so much, I’ve read the whole history of the donut hole and also written (and deleted) a blog dedicated to donuts. Before anyone could read it. Yes, I’m officially insane.

Speaking of reading…

I'm having to read ALL of these, and about 30 other books right now.

Which officially sucks bananas.

I’m a compulsive shopaholic. I’ll find reasons to shop, always. Bad day at work? Shop. Weight gain? Shop. Blood tests? Shop, shop, shop.


I’m actually a midget. Only five two, but I look taller *smirk*

Damn right.

My parents loathe me because I flunked second year of med school, and this has led to their utter embarrassment in said “elite society.”

*insert applause here*

I’ve received tons of death threats, e-proposals, sent too many selfies to people and had my heart broken. I’m still unapologetically me.

I’m growing as a blogger, and as a person, and I will brave crap-storms and continue to blog. Like I said, this is the only thing that keeps me going. The Blogosphere is where I feel like I really belong.

I’d been looking for acceptance, all my life, and I’ve finally found it.

Nobody can belittle you without your permission. And if anyone does, give them a verbal smacking, in your head, smile and walk away. And cut that person out of your life. Gangrene left untreated can be crappy, I’ve always said.

Like I’ve been told to “hang in there”, I always will.

It’s not okay to give up on yourself. Ever.

I love each and every one of you for sticking around, there will be only fun blogpisodes from now on. Thank you for staying with me.



94 thoughts on “Formal (Re)Introduction.

  1. Nice to meet you! Actually, five-feet-two is not short at all, four-feet-eight here. I enjoy reading your lil rants very much. ๐Ÿ˜€ I think there’s a great need to complain when we’re living a crappy life or just living with someone that’s causing our crappy lives.

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  2. Here’s a formal “welcome” and I hope you manage to get your shit together. Or not. Do whatever. It’s the internet and I’ll probably never see you again anyway. Or I might cause now I want to follow a donut blogger. Dammit.

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      1. Lololol good one,Sooch.:P
        By the way,my cheeks are almost fatless. So it (sometimes) gives an illusion of curvy instead of fat, to me.:P
        And all the weight I loose is lost from my face,apparently. People are always telling me I have lost weight.And all I have to ask is,Is it because of my face?And they are like yeah.And I know for sure that I am not losing any kilos anywhere other than my cheeks. -.-
        That was one big rant.:P


      2. Lol
        It is,when you are curvy.When you got extra kilos in the thighs and butt…not so much.:/
        Don’t get me wrong,I am comfortable just the way I am, not insecure or anything.Just saying it as I see it.
        By the way,why are we discussing my body type in your comment section,again?

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  3. Now I understand better your comments to me about med school in India. I’m really interested in learning more about it, but I’ll send you an email if you don’t want to discuss it here. I come from a family with HUGELY TALL genes. But I’m 5’1″ and my daughter’s are shorter than I am. My only frustration with being short is not being able to reach things. My brother once called me a genetic throwback haha.

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    1. Hahhahaha it’s hugely annoying not being able to reach the top shelves at the supermarket. Right?

      And EVERYONE’S tiny in my family. Like we’re the family of marshmallows from Cloudy and the meatballs two.

      Of course you can mail me:)

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      1. Hey at least you’re good at something. What’s the secret to being healthy? What is your take on drugs that are prescribed to patients?

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      2. Secret to being healthy? Workouts, zero stress, staying hydrated and most importantly – following a schedule.

        Drugs are crap. Unless you absolutely NEED them.

        Like insulin dependent diabetes. I think the injections MY own doctor gave me for low vitamin levels are overrated. There’s nothing smoothie can’t fix.

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      3. Zero stress lol is that possible for adults? I could have told you that about the injections for low vitamin levels lol

        A doctor tried to prescribe vitamin D meds because we had just come off a winter and my vitamin D levels were low. I told him that I was all set and that I would simply spend more time outdoors. I bought myself an over the counter multivitamin and spent way more time outdoors and what do you know, my vitamin D levels were where they needed to be ๐Ÿ˜€

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      4. Doctors scare you and nurses are demons of death. Not understanding at all.

        Erm. I gotta stop talking crap about doctors though. Most of them are good. Most of them are nice. And professional. And then there’s me. I blog more than I do doctor stuff.


      5. I don’t like doctors or nurses lol you’re an exception (so far lol not trying to jinx anything). No, please keep going lol saves me the time and money. Now I don’t have to go to medical school to learn what it’s like on the inside ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      6. Seriously? Do NOT GO TO MED SCHOOL. IT WILL END YOU. YOU’LL MAKE THE WORSTESTEST DECISIONS, hang out with the wrong people, TURN WEIRD, suffer from chronic bouts of depression… You get the drift.

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  4. Sooch,

    Welcome, young paduan….

    Some of us in this world know about short folks. One of my favorite authors, Robert A. Heinlein, the Grand Master of Science Fiction, once said, in one of his novels.

    “Never scare a little man. He’ll kill you.”

    I’ve no doubt at all the same is true of women…. In fact, I’ve heard it said that women are much more dangerous than men, which I find completely believable…

    Also, I like the quote from above, which seems perfect for your situation and life… to wit:

    “Nobody can belittle you without your permission. And if anyone does, give them a verbal smacking, in your head, smile and walk away. And cut that person out of your life.”

    Excellent advice…. Me, I just slap ’em in reality… but, that’s me, & I’m a curmudgeon…

    I also blog for my own sanity, so, I can relate….

    Take care, have fun, and Blessed Be, little sister….

    gigoid, the dubious


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  5. Nice to meet you! I am so looking forward to reading your stuff! I’m on a quest to making the perfect donut. Stay tuned for a post about that. (Our donut places here are eh not so good). Best to you! Koko ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Perhaps by winter. I’ve got a list of projects that would make your head spin! So much to do constantly. I wish I had more time to perfect the donut. I am getting close! Cheers Dear! Koko ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. And I am Suche-ta ๐Ÿ˜› Nice to meet you :). The fact that you at least took up medicine, is commendable. Because I know how much hard work goes into it. And you make a fine blogger. We don’t have doctor-bloggers, but we have you. Keep writing ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Aha I found your About post! And thanks, now I finally know what your name is. I was battling with myself that to call you – Sooch, soochie, LR – you seem to have a lot of monikers.

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