(This is rapidly turning from a rant blog to a makeup blog to a everything-in-between blog to a food blog.)

Why this weird post title, you ask?

This friend of mine mutilated my name beyond repair. He keeps calling me “Sushi”. And he also asks me all the time, why on earth is my face fatter than a pineapple.

Now, I’ve never had sushi but I absolutely hate the idea of eating fish – raw, cooked, smoked – be it whatever, but fish grosses me out. I’m a half-baked Bengali. Sue me. All the more reason to call me Sushi, right? Apparently.

I love pineapple though. I would body roll in pineapple jelly, if I could.

And so, I became Sushi Pineapple. I’ve also got my own theme song, composed by my friend, that has lyrics like “…who lives in a pineapple under the sea… Soooooooshiiiiii square pants.“🎶

Granted, I have a fat face. It does NOT mean I can feed a zoo.

Getting to the point – well, friend, here’s your answer.

Which will totally make several people want to eat their computer screens.

Without further ado I bring to you all the food that I eat. Often. Funnily enough, salad failed to make an appearance.

Hot chocolate rolls!
*drool* Krispy Kreme is literal awesomesauce.
I had to share this. Their Christmassy donuts were to die for. Nom!

And finally, I HAD to share this:

Check out the date. And the phone number.

Chick’s totally right though. Their ice cream sucks bananas. Ugh!

And now I have a glorious muffin top. And it’s expanding, y’all. We could all do with some love (handles), right?

I thought so.


44 thoughts on “Sushi Pineapple.

  1. I still don’t believe that you’re expanding anything other than your mind, LR. šŸ˜‰ The twisted line here used to go: A waist is a terrible thing to mind. Sushi SquarePants, huh? That could be the name of your food/fashion blog mash-up, you know. DL, out, MuffinTop.

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  2. I’ve never had sushi either! Looks like eyeballs. Also, when you said muffin top I initially thought it was a specific shirt you wear when eating a muffin. Like pizza top. Or fat pants. Etc.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. But honestly. Sushi doesn’t contain only fish. You can make it with just veggies. Or add whatever you like when you feel like being creative. šŸ˜€
        Like bacon.

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