I’d always felt like everyone else was right. Turns out, all those people – who judged me, hurt me, blamed me, made me feel like I was trash from old money – were never right.

Cut to the chase, they broke me and left.

Everyone reaches a breaking point. It’s only normal. Not everyone can bounce back. I’m so glad I could. It’s been a week, and it feels amazing to my happy, jokey self again. It’s like I’ve rediscovered lost bits of me.

With the right people, bouncing back is cakewalk.

I’ve realized I don’t need to escape into, or from, anything. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m whole, undamaged, pristine. Nothing can touch me.

My hair is not too thick.

My eyes are not too big. They’re fine.

My style is not too loud.

I am not too weird.

I am not too short. Or too skinny. Or too fat. Not for the right person.

For the right people, there’s never TOO anything.

Every piece of me slots into place with the right people. It’s like watching a jigsaw puzzle magically come together. I might be a little teacup, but I’m awesome.

That's me!

42 thoughts on “Never TOO Anything.

      1. There are positives and twerking jokes in your rants. But you cannot be ranting all your life, right? When there are positives in your negative situations. There has to situation or events which are totally positive.
        Damn I seem to be have diffusion on positive and negative electrons in my wordings today ๐Ÿ˜› I am not making any sense. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Yeah I wrote kinda a similar post reborn..
    Had to stop all knots in my guts to be be able to live again & great you have passed a week. I wish fully completed a month. ,duhhhh :/

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  2. What a great affirmation!

    And, so nice to hear, as anyone who would say garbage; like that to you (or, to anyone, for that matter…) really isn’t worth listening to… In fact, I’d say they’re pretty much garbage themselves, small, petty, and unworthy of notice. Only that sort of people hurt others, to try make themselves look or feel good…

    Meher Baba, the popular guru of the 1960’s was, in many ways, an idiot. An Enlightened Soul, perhaps, (I don’t know for sure, never met him personally, so, can’t judge that…), but, mostly, from what I observed from afar… an idiot, for allowing those who spread his message to corrupt it to some extent… His main message, of finding peace, however, was his saving grace… All he believed was in the short statement, and, it’s true…

    “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

    gigoid, the dubious

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      1. Sooch,

        You’re welcome; like Frank Burns once said, on the TV show, M.A.S.H., “It’s nice being nice to the nice….”

        Of course, Frank was the World’s Village Idiot, but, he got that one right…


        I said Meher Baba was an idiot, and, in certain ways, he probably was… but I also believe he WAS an Enlightened Soul, They always are misunderstood in their own time… Here is some info on him…


        Blessed be….


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  3. I love you and I am glad you are coming to terms with whatever upheaval you experienced. Xoxoxoxo you are fabulous and gorgeous just the way you are!

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