So I began to work in subway as a part timer. Subway is a fast food chain, if you’re unaware. So far, this is what I imagine the crew to be like:

The Sauce Expert – This guy can pour the exact amount of sauce- correct to the microgram- in the perfect shape, perfect length and right smack in the middle of where it’s supposed to be. Hands of a veteran artist. If destiny was human and could talk, it would say, “You should paint instead of dressing subs.”

The Table Whisperer- This person can transform surfaces that contain so much foodwaste and sauce and grime and muck and everything gross or disgusting into a completely new and unrecognizable, sparkling and squeaky clean tabletop.

The Popular One- Everyone bullies this person yet they still love her (usually it’s a her) and she loves everyone back as well. The patience level of a god…

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