It’s amazing when people actually live in the moment, right? These kids organized a flash mob in the middle of the town square today. Needless to say, they kick some serious butt!

WordPress won’t let me upload videos for some reason.

…and these guys are doctors. Final year people. This is so cool.

For once, I’m proud of my med school. And glad to be in PigSty.

Also ugh, please ignore the photographer guy’s egghead. That shouldn’t have been in the picture. My bad. My bad.

Basically, this was an awareness campaign against (Tobacco) Smoking. Entertain and engage. Only the entertain part worked though. Sadly enough, people started leaving when they got to the talking part. Indians. *sigh* Never. *sigh* Listen. *sigh*

Watch the video here:



18 thoughts on “Flash Mob!

      1. Hahaha thank you!

        Do not smoke because your lungs will get preggers – and die.

        Do not smoke. Do not smoke standing up, do not smoke sitting on the toilet. Just.. don’t smoke, okay? Promise?


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