More awards. Woo!

I know you’re all probably sicksicksick of me doing tag blogs, but I’m one of those people who never say no to an award.

I’m extremely polite you see. For now. I might turn into a blog snob later. Just saying.

(Oh my God. Do NOT take that seriously.)

A humongous Thank You to:

Mon ( and Urvi ( who nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.


And Miusho ( who nominated me for The Creative Blogger Award.


Go check out their blogs. These girls are awesomesauce with sprinkles on top!

The Rules for both awards are simple – Post the award logo on your blog. Mention the people that tagged you. Nominate other blogs. List 7 facts about yourself, for The Versatile Blogger Award and 5, for The Creative Blogger Award.

So I’m going to do this awesome thing and state a dozen – yes, a DOZEN – RANDO FACTS ABOUT YOURS TRULY!!

Da-daaaaaa. Can you tell I’m excited? Oh yeah.

Here goes.

1. I am accident prone.

Just this morning, I smacked into a motorcycle in the hospital parking lot, because I was busy checking WordPress on my phone. My glasses nearly almost fell off.

2. Speaking of glasses…

…I’m blind as a demented bat. Yeah. I wear glasses with -9.50 power in them. This has totally led to people calling me soda-bottle-bottoms, and blind fly, not to mention a host of other things.

3. The last time I dated someone, in the flesh, was in 2012.

Talk about pathetic.

4. I am a sucker for men with chin clefts.

5. I love, love, LOVE coffee.

My favorite is white chocolate mocha. Even though it’s more everything else but coffee.

6. I have a thing for maxi dresses.

They make me look taller. Duh.

7. I hate selfies.

I used to like them once. But now, after the attack of the crazy selfie-obsessed cousin who sends me 3471518919 selfies a month, I think I’ve had enough.

8. I’m obsessed with Orphan Black.

Tatiana Maslany should win twelve million Oscars and Emmys and Golden Globes!

9. I can’t cross the road on my own.

Call me dumb, but I just can’t. Traffic scares me.

10. I’ve got OCD.

I clean my room a gazillion times a day, and my wardrobe is sorted according to color. It’s easier, believe me.

11. Hand-holding creeps me out.

Anyone got tips on how to fix that?

12. I’m scared of cows.

And India has tons of them. With HORNS! My best friend got jabbed in the ribs once. By a giant – also, poopy – cow. While we were on our way to get some lunch. Needless to say we both lost our appetite.


Talk about horny.

And finally!


Paul ( started this tradition thingamagig – his blog is the bomb dot com. Go check him out. Seriously. Stop fiddling with the phone and talking and blinking and whatever and go check out his blog. Now.


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