WARNING: Major rant. And I’ll totally sound like sour grapes.

I will never understand med school females. Like, seriously. I know I did an earlier post about this, but still.

I had this one “friend” who once decided to text me. Completely out of the blue. Now, when I cut people out, I cut them out forever. Chop. Kill. Gone. Mentally, of course. I’m too nice to even hurt a fly, y’all.

Of course I ignored those first few texts.

But she kept at it. Till I got so mad I replied. One word.


Turns out, she was only comparing notes. The following exact notes, to be precise:

Did I graduate?

– Did I land a hot, rich and successful doctor partner?

– Did I book a post graduate seat in PGI, Chandigarh*?

Et cetera.

This was back in 2011. When I’d flunked a whole semester at my craptastic med school. I’m coming to why,*** later. This chick had the audacity to block me right after I answered no to all her questions. Right after she found out

– that I was still stuck in that semester,

– that I was single as a dry catfish bone in the middle of the Sahara,

– that I didn’t grow into a spectacularly pretty numbskull and

– that no, I didn’t book a post graduate seat.**

What the major F*CK?

Who does that? I didn’t even know how she got hold of my number in the first place and she had the balls to actually block me.

Very well then.

I was hurt, to be honest. I was offended. I didn’t know people based their friendships on bullet points involving “hot men”, degrees and whatever the ish. But I let go. I’d totally forgotten about it.

Until history repeated itself today.

My very own best friend hasn’t been in touch since her birthday in March. (My best friend = weird texter = “sry I ws bsy”.)

But she had the time to text me about both her and her guy getting post graduate seats “nd thot I wld share d gd news wd u.”

And, then she blocked me. Wow.

Did you even know such people existed?

*PGI happens to be one of the premiere institutes for post graduate studies, in India.

** booking a Post Graduate seat basically means using your parents’ moolah to buy a seat in whichever college you feel like. Crappiest invention ever. These sort of doctors kill people.

*** I flunked med school because I didn’t know you had to pay people. Go figure. Also because I will always find textbooks uninspiring and unappealing and well, I hated studying.


61 thoughts on “Med-School Snobbery.

      1. I still can’t believe this.
        What’s the point of blocking you? It’s not like you’re one of those weird guys who keep flirting through texts.
        You both are girls! What’s the need of blocking?!

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      1. That was the most painful two sentences I’ve ever written in my life. And it took me about 8 minutes to write too. It takes more effort to be stupid.

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  1. Blocking is rude gesture. I’m downright against it unless someone is stalking you like a psychopathic serial killer. Even in that case, i would take the battle back to them.
    Sorry about the best friend part. She isn’t worthy to receive that stature if she had to block you.

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  2. What BITC**S!! Seriously not good friends at all, I wouldn’t even call them friends. No more med school friends, time to find real friends girlie xoxo hope you feel better.

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  3. We ain’t got no tym for such beeches!! ❀️❀️
    Shallow ppl will always base their convos on superficial and materialistic topics..
    So,let’s superficially kick em outta your mind..πŸ’£πŸ”«
    You’re a darl and clearly deserve someone better * suggests herself smugly*

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  4. What the *uckety *uck. Really?? Someone wants to stoop to that level, and actually block someone because of something so meaningless? Man, 5 years from now they are going to feel like complete morons. How can someone, in the medical field, which essentially SHOULD mean you are a caring person, be so uncaring and arrogant and *uckers.. seriously, this is why THOSE people end up killing us ordinary folks, because THEY ARE SNOBBY LITTLE *ITCHES WHO DO NOT CARE.

    I can’t wait until these two idiots *uck up, and you rub it in their faces, like peanut butter on bread!

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  5. Ugh! You do you, how you want to. Don’t let others dictate your life, or make you feel like you’re messing up because it’s not what THEY want. Do what YOU want. Hell it’s the life of LR not everyone else. Live life, find love, find a man that’s YOUR kind of perfect, and give the middle finger to everyone else :D.

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  6. Wow! Major doucherie at it’s finest! I didn’t even know petty people such as these were actually real outside of “Mean Girls”. By the way your ex best friend should have been your ex best friend a long time ago based on her horrible texting habits alone lol

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  7. I see the system is the same everywhere in the world. This was enlightening. In many countries, people get into medical school if one parent is already a medical doctor. Someone who is now head of the medical association in [country redacted] could not pass level one general studies for the first three years of university. His parents are famous, in the history books type. Other than that, buy your way in. You’re right, those sorts of doctors kill people. Epic rant and that friend is totally plastic.

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