Go on. Die laughing.

only bad chi

Having never online dated, I don’t really know how the setup works with dating profiles. So I did some research to get an idea. I was going to try to re-create a realistic layout, but then I remembered I am to technology what the French were to WWII, so I’m just going to go with the “content over form” mantra here.

Below is what my dating profile would look like and say, if it ever existed.


**RIP to the fry I dropped in the crack between my driver’s seat and center console last night**

Handsome Female / More Like The City of Devils, CA, United States

Active 4 months ago (oh wait, you didn’t mean sexually?)

IMG_6743All you need to know

Basic information

Occupation: Your mom Ethnicity: I don’t see color.
Age: none of yo business Religion: Food
Height: Um I don’t know I’M NOT A DOCTOR Drinks:

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