I love lipstick.

I love them so much, it’s earned me the tag of Lipstick Hobo.

I am not a “beauty guru” and I don’t claim to be. I’m only a noob doctor with two million issues. So technically, I shouldn’t even be carrying as many lip products in my purse. I know.

I can’t help it.

There’s something about compact little colorful waxy substances in cute packaging that makes me do the Conga in my head. Only in my head, mind you – I don’t do the Conga in the middle of the street. I’d fall right over and end up as a patient in my own hospital and I wouldn’t be able to wear any more lipstick. Why do I talk so much?

I’ll shut my trap now. And go touch up my lipstick.

This was the first installment of the Five Day Five Photo Challenge that my DL (https://markbialczak.wordpress.com) nominated me for. Thank you, DL, I loooove you!

The rules are simple: You post a photo each day for five days in a row, with a story – fiction, non-fiction, anything (heck, you can even ramble just like I DID) – attached. And you nominate a fellow blogger.

Today I nominate Darshith (https://darshith0000.wordpress.com) – have fun!


50 thoughts on “Lipstick Hobo!

      1. Then I should mention its working with people looking at me like am crazy…since am laughing to myself…..you shouldn’t be having a crappy day….just by making my day your should get better automatically

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      2. Thanks for making my day but can’t help with the hobos….am guessin by deal with hobos you mean helpin them or treating or whatever it is you do at a hospital

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  1. LR Lipstick Lover aka Hobo ….. And what I ask you is so lame about this? Doesn’t every gal deserve to have a drawer full of tempting tubes of delight meant to tantalize the lips with color? Oh yes, I know the feeling well. You don’t know how many times I have thrown out lipsticks, only to be drawn like a magnet to the lipstick isle and buy some more. LOL Great start, LR!!! Thank you for the heads up!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❀

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  2. Sooch,

    You’re cute…. Silly, and, much wiser than you know yourself… Nothing wrong with lipstick as an obsession; better than many I could think of… As long as you don’t leave any on my collar!…

    Oh, wait, I’m not married any more; s’okay then…. Unless I ever make it to India, or you to California, it won’t be an issue…


    You definitely should have gone for a fashion journalism degree, instead of an MD…. You’ll make a good one, once you find the bravery to break free of the chains of custom and guilt binding you to that field…

    Judging by the photo of Soochie you included in yesterday’s post, at least you can pick colors that are vibrant, and suit you…. You’re much prettier than you give yourself credit for, a trait I find all-to0-common among young women, of all modern world cultures, who were raised on TV, and the twisted, unreasonable, unrealistic view TV has of what makes women beautiful…. All you need to be GORGEOUS is the confidence to know you already are…. and, since I’m old enough to be your grandfather, I am fairly objective, as well as fairly experienced when it comes to judging beauty…

    Keep writing, milady, it’s good for the spirit to purge itself…


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