How talented can a person get?

Have you seen butterflies prettier than these?

My girl S cut them out. By hand. No stencils. I kid you not. She wanted to study interior design. Got stuck with medicine. Story of our lives.

Which goes to show. We’re all in the same effing boat. Crying over messed sutures, wishing we were somewhere else. Wishing we were SOMEONE else.

Too many things left unsaid.

This was the second installment of the Five Day Five Photo Challenge that my DL( nominated me for. Thank you, DL, I loooove you! 

The rules are simple: You post a photo each day for five days in a row, with a story – fiction, non-fiction, anything (heck, you can even ramble just like I DID) – attached. And you nominate a fellow blogger.

I won’t nominate anyone, though. EVERYONE ignores my nominations.


61 thoughts on “Butterfly Fly Away

  1. That’s pretty impressive for a hand-cut butterfly! Give my cheers to S!

    As for nominations, I’m guilty of it too I know 😛 It’s just too difficult to keep up with everything.

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  2. I;ve never seen prettier butterflies as these except of course, for those that fly. What a darling post, and I actually managed to find it myself. LOL Have a great day, LR. Love, Amy ❤

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      1. And then some! This world needs artists and to know that there is a wee one making butterflies to make pretty in this world, makes my Heart sing!!! I’m so glad our paths crossed. I really am enjoying YOU! 🙂 ❤ 🙂 …

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      2. *crooked grin* …. *sighs* age …. *sighs* …. *giggles* Who cares if things sag? We have butterflies to keep us high! LOL Hope your day is a good one. I have cleaning on my docket today ….. GROAN!!!! 😦

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  3. Wow those look awesome…on first look they look like actual butterflies and then you said it was done by hand and I had to look again…damn good stuff

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  4. Is that our ” S”??? Like S ????

    Soochie…. These are sooooo darn beautiful.

    Reminds me of trials and tribulations … We do everything we can,we mould,fashion and create ourselves to live in this world… ,but just lack the life to continue on with it..

    Yep.. All of us are these butterflies,dunno who’s that one who can fly after all.. 😢😓

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      1. OMG… Hug her tight from me… 😱😱😱😱😱
        Dahling.. Have you seen an ostrich fly?? No?? I thought so…
        Well.. Have you seen a sparrow fly?? Yes??
        Period.. I’m the big Buffoon who puts her head in the ground,aka ostrich!! 😢😢

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      2. She’s my fav… 😂😂😂 she’s got the cutest freckles in town.. You’re a cuteheart just that way,ummmm.. Save for strawberry shortcake’s bad,repetitive dressing sense.. And that hideous thing she calls HAT!! 😒😒😒
        She needs to spend some tym with soochie for grooming classes..
        I hope you’re on it!!

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  5. Excellent! The first step to making true change is to define the desired change to make…. or, more succinctly, stating the problem accurately often shows us the solution…

    Good post, milady LR..


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