Why would anyone ever say that black cats were bad omens? Look at how adorable that kitten is!

The other day this cute little black cat darted across the road, and an intern in a white lab coat on a bike actually pulled over – screeched to a stop – so that someone, anyone, would “tread the cat’s path” and break the spell. Stopping traffic in the process. I crossed the road. Spell broken.

Did I get hit by a wave of bad luck? No. Things got better from there.

Did a branch fall on me and crack my head open like a damn coconut? No. Maybe a dandelion thingamajig did. I don’t remember.

Did I fall face first into a puddle? Heck no.

The point is, the poor kitty was just crossing the road. That cat, stupid-intern-on-the-bike, is an Indian too. Just like you and I. Okay? Stop being so overly dramatic. Arsehat. How do people like that even come from science? They probably come from scones, more like. All unstable, crumbly logic. Wait, there’s no logic here. The cat was just crossing the road. Period.

There was NO need for you to hold up traffic. I’m the hero, and you’re – I’ll say it again – an arsehat.

This was the third installment of the Day Five Photo ChallengeΒ that myΒ DL (https://markbialczak.wordpress.com) nominated me for. Thank you, DL, I loooove you!Β 

The rules are simple: You post a photo each day for five days in a row, with a story – fiction, non-fiction, anything (heck, you can even ramble just like I DID) – attached. And you nominate a fellow blogger.

I won’t nominate anyone, though. EVERYONE ignores my nominations. Which I absolutely detest.


98 thoughts on “What did Black Cats Ever do to You?

      1. That makes two of us. My birthday was on the 1st but there was no crying here so maybe you can cry for the both of us? πŸ˜‰

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  1. My mom hates black cats. I maintain that this irrational fear probably stems from her childhood, when she read Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, The Black Cat. My mom maintains that I am stupid.
    But really, good job with this! I enjoyed reading it.

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  2. Superstitious people! The worst kind of homo sapiens.

    I once wrote a short story from a cat’s POV where he’s superstitious about black people. LOL, it was totally amusing but I won the contest too πŸ˜€

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  3. Hey, other than ignoring your nominations, some people would actually won’t know that you nominated them, if they do not read your post. This happens, when you tag their home pages, they don’t get a pingback. I suggest tagging blogger’s post pages or telling them in person. πŸ™‚ Don’t give up Sooch.

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      1. was it? Was it really? How sure are you you weren’t being distracted while its cat friends were stealthily hauling the doomsiest doomsday device ever?


  4. Black cats are much like Pit bulls, a bad rep and misunderstood. You won’t see me running for the hills if I see a black cat, probably chasing it to pet it is more likely what I’d do. Luck isn’t based on a cat, a claw or a clover. It’s based on you

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