…for all these life-lessons. You’ve been amazing, and I wish I could hold on to you one more time forever.

1. Family doesn’t necessarily mean blood. I’ve found family outside of blood, and I’m not even kidding. (Read: Blogosphere.)

2. Cousins suck rotten, mouldy, disgusting bananas.

3. Closure does find its way to you.

4. …and so does love.

5. Speaking of love – and maybe crushes – you know you’ve grown up when you don’t get into catfights with your friend. Even when the both of you happen to like the same guy. Even when the guy, who initially liked you, starts to really like your friend instead.

You actually give them your blessing, and remove yourself from the scene. With dignity.

Ah, the pangs of growing up!

6. The importance of wardrobe staples. I mean, Basics. You don’t need two million Forever 21 white shirts. One good white Zara shirt is enough.

7. That selfies are unnecessary – unless you were demonstrating anal sphincters and impersonating a Kardashian.

8. Politeness gets you nowhere in India. That art, sadly, is dead.

9. It’s the little things that matter the most. Like tea in steel glasses in Something-Anna’s tea shop.

10. Sheldon Cooper is the perfect guy for me. Why? No touching. No holding hands. No snogging. Relationship agreements. Hatred of gift-giving and receiving. A totally set wedding date.

I don’t need anything else!

11. Impractical Jokers is the only thing that makes me laugh.

12. I love salad. How weird.

13. I haven’t eaten pizza in days. I’m suffering from withdrawal. But I’ll be okay.

14. I’ve turned into a makeup hobo.

15. My vocabulary largely comprises words that I’ve conjured out of thin air. It’s total lizzietails and I can’t seem to stop.

16. I realise my salon lady is ripping me off but I’m too lazy to switch salons.

17. I sneak novels into the library and read them instead of surgery. Dad, if you’re reading this, oops. How you know why I’d flunked.

18. S made me sniff her empty Absolut vodka bottles today. I really liked the vanilla one – I wish they’d sell it as perfume.

19. People who stare too much will never stop doing it even if you stare right back. In most countries, people look away. Not here. I wish they’d all get diarrhea and get stuck in the loo forever.

If I ever get into politics, I’ll make sure staring is illegal. And people who do it will totally have to pay a ginormous fine.

20. I’ve got 20 people on my Whatsapp. Less people, less drama.

21. Fried ice-cream is the best thing that happened to the dessert world.

22. Gotta love yourself. And your body. It’s the one you’re stuck with, so might as well love it. 

23. Things will get better. You just gotta keep believing.

This was the fourth installment of the Five Day Five Photo Challenge that my DL (https://markbialczak.wordpress.com) nominated me for. Thank you, DL, I loooove you! 

The rules are simple: You post a photo each day for five days in a row, with a story – fiction, non-fiction, anything (heck, you can even ramble just like I DID) – attached. And you nominate a fellow blogger.

I won’t nominate anyone, though. EVERYONE ignores my nominations, and I loathe being ignored.

Also, it’s my birthday today so you might wanna be nice to me. I love you back. Thank you!


138 thoughts on “Thank You, Early-Twenties

      1. If it makes you feel any better, by early 30s – birthdays turn into boring peace conferences with self. There might be cheese and cigarettes to make things interesting. Cheer up, bud, indifference will show you past the maddening crowd.

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    I can sooooooo relate to several of the items in your list. Very first item — it is great that family doesn’t have to mean blood. I would go so far to say that blood doesn’t mean family either… Not for me anyhoo

    Liked by 3 people

      1. They are not that bad though; moreover they help you recognize who really cares. Don’t know about you but I very much believe in this philosophy that one who does not miss to wish you on your special day is the one who cares for you no matter what. Seeking happiness through wishes from random people is good but the real joy is when you receive the wishes from people you are expecting from. Enjoy your day. Sorry for the long comment but I like Birthdays so… 😛

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  2. Hahahahahaha oh crap men this funny and its your birthday and am guessin you have crossed over to mid-twenties jst enjoy it while it lasts coz late 20s is very judgemental and happy birthday

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hahaha I have already gone thru the mid-twenties….getting you out will be takin you to worse place where family become like roommates…they keep picking out ur life one piece at a time

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      2. Hahahaha sorry am laughin at you but come on its funny…yeah it is. Wait it was ur birthday today…u shld be celebrating not worryin about tomorrow

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      3. Thou you could talk about it while walkin between the lines of being rude and ungrateful….just like a drunk tryin to walkin a straight line

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      4. Hahaha and you don’t want to be ranting in the comment box of another rant….I see you have self control and standards….hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Ooh somebody clap for the lady….hahaha yeah there is another hint of sarcasm in this one two thought I will save you the trouble

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  3. Now I have to go back and pick the numbers i relate with….Mmmh my cousins are awesome and family does suck balls..oopsy and I relate very well with no 20

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  4. Happy Birthday, LR! Wow, you know ALL that wisdom and you have yet to hit 30? I am impressed, very impressed. As for those bananas, I could add family to them, at least for me. Like you, I have family who is not blood. Gee, what else? I HOPE you do something totally awesome for YOU today, even IF you are working. And do I have this right that you are an MD? How on this green earth did you ever step into that nightmare, IF you are an MD? I’m an RN so yes, sadly I know what I am talking about.
    *sighs* If I knew as much as you when I was your age, perhaps I wouldn’t have hoof in mouth disease as I displayed today with cuz, Mark. I feel so bad about what I did that I have a post coming tomorrow for him. Half awake and flying to get to an appt., I wrote something *blushing* that could have been interpreted as something I didn’t mean. ONLY after I wrote it and at my appt. did the light bulb go off. REALLY?
    Now you on the other hand, who know so much, would never be caught with hoof in mouth disease. Take the knowledge that only Life can teach you, and run to the Stars and back with it!!! YOU GO!! *here is a chocolate cake I made just for you* (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Could I perhaps change your mind about being an MD? Too much stress, too much BS, and seriously, I no longer believe in the system as being a healing art. I no longer practice nursing. Now I heal cats. 🙂 For real. As for chocolate cake, may I have a piece? I snuck a taste or two and I must admit, this cake is by far my best. *slapping self on back* 😉

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  5. Bonne Anniversaire, Soochkins! Have a great day ahead! 😀 That was quite an interesting list and I enjoyed reading it. I know it sucks to be nearing silver jubilee, but look at how wise we get! 😛

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  6. Happy Birthday!!! That list was hilariously done! I’m new to thus blogging stuff, but I swear your my fave blogger so far! Have a lovely birthday, and family isn’t about blood, its about loyalty! 😁😁😁

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Hell yea you are, your writing is unique and genuine. You have a natural funny characteristic. Keep it up. I’m glad I made your day 🙈

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  7. Hey its yo birthday. A song for you. Him bhi agar bache hote naam humara hota dabloo babloo khane KO milte laddoo aur duniya kehti happy birthday to you. May you get all the happiness my lovely sis

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  8. Hey LR, such an accurately awesome list!
    Happy Birthday! 🙂
    Even though you say it’s terrible, remember, this too shall pass! I’m sure there is nothing I. Jokers or Wodehouse can’t cure.
    Big Hugs,
    Hannah 🙂

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  9. Sooch, you know what? Your phrases remind me of Tintin. Especially the Banana one 🙂 It is like…Blistering Barnacles…Thundering Typhoons and the likes. Loved how you use it in so many vivid situations 😉 Yo.

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  10. Impractical Jokers is the only thing that makes you laugh?
    You might be dead inside
    May I recommend Dave Chapelle and random clips of Shaquille O’Neal trying to sound intelligent?

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  11. WOAH, IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY, IS IT? I shall push the thought that you threatened to jump queue and hit me across the head to the back of my mind for now. Happy birthday, Sooch! Reward yourself with some pizza, perhaps.

    Liked by 2 people

    You are one of my favourite people on here :’)
    I swear to god I am not saying that ^ for the sake of being nice.
    You make the 20s sound inviting. Sort of. Or maybe not. I wish deciding what age you could be was an option *sighs*

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  13. Happy Belated Birthday or shall I say bebelated Birthday. The joys of growing up where maturity seems to replace fun in so many ways. When loud cars are no longer cool and sagging pants means you are losing weight instead of following the trends. Getting older is hinky for some but I agree with everything on your list except Sheldon Cooper being the perfect guy for me unless he has a sister. ;o) This was a fun read and on top of that, it was true.

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  14. Happy late bday 🌸…moving on…starring 😖😖😖😖 I’m so with you…I mean people who stare at you while you take a picture…EXCUSE ME…would you freaking NOT!!?!??!? 😳😳😳 those are the worst I swear…!!!! Always enjoy your posts 😁 GIGI

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks love! And staring..aaaaarrrgghhhhh! I actually walked right up to the lady who thought it was super fun to stare at me and my friend – and asked, “OMG do I have something stuck on my face?!”

      She turned an interesting shade of beetroot and scurried away. 💪💪💪💪


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