Thank you – each and every one of you – for leaving me such lovely comments. It was a great birthday! At least on WordPress.

And no, I am NOT going to feel pathetic about it.

A party is still a party, right? Mum sent over this cake. Which was a shocker – she’s never gotten me a cake, let alone exactly at midnight, all these years. It’s like cave trolls have totally breathed a new personality into my mum – while she was asleep – in a good way. Not to sound pervy or anything.

The cake was caramel-y, and came with a giant spelling error. And only three candles. The cake people probably thought I was three or something. Anyway. It was a great birthday, and you all made it special!

I totally wish we could all go out and celebrate – I don’t care how sappily stupid I sound.

This was the final installment – Yes! I did it! – of the Five Day Five Photo Challenge that my DL ( nominated me for. Thank you, DL, I loooove you! 

The rules are simple: You post a photo each day for five days in a row, with a story – fiction, non-fiction, anything (heck, you can even ramble just like I DID) – attached. And you nominate a fellow blogger.

Again, no nominations.


50 thoughts on “Eat Cake!

  1. Oh crap!! I can’t believe I missed your birthday sooch. Damn. Sorry. I wuuvve you. ❤
    *in an unbearably loud dying walrus kind of voice*
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy birthday, happy birthday,
    Happy Birthday to you.
    You were born in the zoo,
    With the monkeys and the donkeys,
    Who look just like you.
    But don’t you worry,
    For I’ll be there too.
    Right in the next cage,
    Throwing bananas at you.

    LOL If your tympanic membrane is still intact, Kudos. Also, I wish you all the mirth and happiness there is in the world sooch. You’re a gem. Continúe to shine and spread smiles like you always do. Happy Birthday once again.
    *choking hugs and weird kisses* ❤

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