Disclaimer: This post is not intended to hurt anyone’s (read: miser’s) feelings. And no, no makeup companies, or e-commerce stores sponsor my kind of crappy-as-eff posts.

Moving on.

First things first:

1. You don’t want to give someone tons of bubble wrap and expect them to be happy about it. It’s your person’s birthday, a card should suffice. Even funny cards that talk about farts, poop and hurl will do. I’m not kidding. My best friend gave me the fart card, right here.

Good haul this year.



If your subject likes makeup, go ahead and buy some. If they like stationery, go buy personalized stationery. If they like kitsch, buy quirky phone cases. Teapots. Coffee mugs. Et cetera. There are tons of websites (for Indian public we have chumbak.com, flipkart.com, jabong.com – you get the drift). Refrain from gifting them food enriched with vitamins. SUBJECTS OFTEN LEAVE HINTS. Make sure you TAKE THEM.

3.Β  Apparently this is a thing:


But most people think that it’s the receiving that’s true happiness. I think it’s “ugh”. Half the time people pull a total Sheldon and end up buying things for themselves and giving the subject a rice krispie packet. *Clap clap*. Don’t do this. Don’t gift anyone anything, if you’re gonna act like you’ve got dung under your nose when you hand it over to them.

4. Homemade gifts be sexy, y’all.

Try this.

5. Ooh. Remember to do this:

Thank God for exchange offers.

6. ..and finally, nudge them in the right direction.My cousin once sent me one of her holey LBDs for my birthday, I sent her a Selfridges dress. Yep. The next birthday, I kid you not, I got a few MAC lipcticks.

And you’re sorted!

Now. I know when someone sends over a package for your birthday – and you open it up, all excited, and find tons of bubble wrap and other stuff you instantly hate, thank your stars. Why? The person who sent over the package, thoughtfully, isn’t there to see your expression!

I got a package I didn’t like and I – well, this…

I kid you not.

Here are a few tips to sort out your mess when you’re the unfortunate recipient of wonderful gifts:

1. Think like Sheldon. And find the best gift out there. Invest. Ponder. And make sure you’ve beat them at the Gift Game. Pat yourself on the back and go, “Bazinga! B*tch, I win!”

This should be your focus. Nail the obligation!

2. Please resist the urge to disinfect them – no, their brains are not getting eaten by maggots.

Don't do this!

3. Thank them. Even though you want to kill them. Take a picture of all the stuff that came in the package, so as to not hurt their feelings.

Now, that wasn't hard at all, was it?

Do you have more tips, serious ones that aren’t half as sarcastic as mine?

And GUESS WHAT?! This is my 100th post!!! Hug me, hug me!


60 thoughts on “Gift Giving (and Receiving) 101

  1. Lol. So true. Worst one would be Money instead of an actual gift. Like, okay. You think I need the money, If I want money I would go to an ATM and withdraw some for myself thank you very much. The whole point is to buy me something I’d like. Giving me the money to go buy whatever I want tells me how much you know and love me. 😏

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      1. Hear hear everybody! Sooch wants Prada. So buy her some. And one for me too, cause she’s my adoptive mom and si Γ§asa mi Γ§asa! Thanks. We love you. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’œ

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  2. (Hug) You’re the world’s most entertaining ranter and everyone loves you for that. My favourite handmade gift so far is a narrow fabric pencase which holds my favourite and most expensive writing instruments. It’s so pretty but what makes it extra special is that it was given to me by someone who is very lukewarm towards me as a friend. She understands my tastes well and I wish my passionate friends would be more like her. Gifts I hate include bags, accessories, clothes and shoes. I have a brand list I favour and most people don’t bother to check before handing me something unwearable from D&G. x

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