It’s funny how almost everyone’s got birthmarks. Like, in weird places. Places they can hide. Me? I’ve got one – ugh – on my face. Right cheek.

Now you know why people stare.

Froggy eyes. Check.

Birthmark. Check.

Way too much mouth. Ignore that please.

I’ve had tons and tons and tons of people asking me the same question over and over – “God, what’s that on your face?!”

For a long time, this question would bother me. Why don’t I have perfect skin too? Why so blotchy? Why on one side? And I admit, I’d get grouchy when people asked me about my birthmark.

Unable to come up with anything funnier, I’d reply, “That’s just God being clumsy for a minute with his coffee. While he was making me, you know. And some splashed onto my face. He probably thought it looked cute though, so He left it on, even though He could have airbrushed it out.

That’s how I’ve got this coffee stain on my cheek. No, it’s not a port-wine stain, it’s just coffee, thank you very much.

And for a long time – right from the day I started med school, so that the girls at my hostel wouldn’t see my it – I’d wear concealer religiously. Wake up at five, sneak off to the communal-with-cubicles-showers, slap on concealer, go brush, go have breakfast. All this sneaking so that people wouldn’t notice my birthmark. Sounds extreme, but college chicks are scary when they pick on you. I guess it’s already been established by ten gazillion people that girls can be cruel.

It was super uncomfortable at first, but then I decided there was nothing wrong with my face, might as well let other people know that too.

People with birthmarks on your faces – there’s nothing wrong with you. Trust me.

“Everyone is beautiful. Right? All we ever need is a little encouragement to he ourselves.”

This was the last installment of the Post a Quote a Day Challenge that the beautiful Noorain ( nominated me for. I hope I did an okay job, though and I gotta go find my funny bone now. Because, duh, my posts have been getting a lot “serious” now. Which I don’t really like.


29 thoughts on “Grouchy Mark!

      1. I can totally understand trying to hide it out of fear for bullying. I also admire that one girl (who’s all over the internet at the moment) with that really big birth mark under her eye. For some reason it doesn’t look “awkward” to me at all. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

        It looks.. normal?

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  1. I understand how God does all that..See what happened to me, was when he was passing brains, we were all told to stand line. I said, TRAINS? I DONT NEED NO DAMN TRAINS! Now you see my dilemma. But still ,why be mad? I mean, some jerks killed God’s only son. I understand why he would be a bit miffed. Your blog is really fun!!

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  2. Hehe grouchy mark it seems. Funny shit, mate.

    You should try writing observational pieces. Describe the environment or inanimate objects in relation to people or such. Sort of existing in shades of gray without particularly commiting to any emotion. You certainly have the writing style for it.

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