Wake up in the morning, put on my face – the one that’s gonna take me through another day.



**Broken | Terrified | Sad | Lonely | Hurt | Upset | Alone | Depressed | Suicidal | Angry | Hateful | Breaking down | Screaming | Empty | Dead | Nothing | Crying | Shouting | Giving up | Hiding | Wearing a mask |   Cutting | Horrible | Stressed  | Down | Hollow | Worthless | Messed up | Misunderstood | Frightened | Incapable | Distressed | Inferior | Lost | Cynical |Pathetic | Ashamed | Bitter | Forced | Uneasy | Tense | Dominated | Pessimistic | Distrustful | Tearful | Crushed | Offended | Aching | Wronged | Timid | Wary | Victimized | Tortured | Pained | Lifeless | Cold | Dull | Nervous | Scared | Suspicious | Alienated | Numb | Stressed | Bruised**
                            I AM FINE!
                  *insert fake smile here*

                     SO, HOW ARE YOU?


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9 thoughts on “HOW ARE YOU?

  1. Whenever it’s possible, I try to stick with the same face I went to bed with; it’s easier to pick one & stick to it, than to put on a new one every day…. That way, the old one gets comfortable, like good shoes, and people know what to expect, even if they’re completely wrong…

    The face we show the world does NOT have to be the one we are actually wearing inside…. That’s one of the coolest things about Reality; we can decide for ourselves what it really is… It’s the Captain Kirk method of test taking (read: facing LIFE); if you don’t like the test, change the rules…

    I do have to say, though, in spite of your erroneous opinion of your own relative beauty, you do have a nice face…. It has character, which is much better than mere prettiness…


    gigoid, the dubious


      1. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the one they expect; it only has to NOT be counter-productive…. I like being my age, and always having people give me funny looks because I’m not what they expect…. It’s good for other people to have to stay on their toes…


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      2. LOL!

        Thanks… I gotta say, I think that may be the first time that word’s ever been applied to me… Normally, it’s more like “you talk too much, bozo!”….


        I do love your blog; it’s very much YOU.


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