You can’t bring me down,
I’ve already had my life turned – FUCK NO! NONONONONONO. NO. NO…. nooooooooooooooo!”

“Are you okay?”

“Where am I?”

“Answer my question first, miss. How many fingers do you see?”

“Two. Wait, why are your fingers so pale?! Sorry I blurted.”

“It’s okay. I get that a lot. Anyway -”

“Holy shit, what’s wrong with your face, Sir? Are YOU okay?!

“Ah, yes I am. I have always looked like this. For a long, long time. Can you stand? Here, take my hand.”

“S-sure. Shit! Your hand – it’s so, so cold!”

“Well your car seems to have taken quite a beating, but you’re in one piece, so you should be thankful and stop making comments about my appearance, maybe.”

“Oops. Sorry. That was my new car, though. I’ll miss you, car.”

“Haha. Kids these days. Scratch that. Young women these days. Burning rubber at two in the morning on the freeway, huh?!”

“…listening to Korn, yes, and singing along. And I’m not a kid. Thank you for correcting yourself. I’m twenty seven, and – ”

“- and you’re responsible? Is that what you call it?”

“Erm, well, no, but I’m allowed to have fun at times! And just so you know, I was not -”

“Drunk, yes I know.”

“Can we walk for like, a while? I know I sound abnormal, asking a complete stranger with – whoa! Are you the-the-the GRIM REAPER? Or maybe I’m actually drunk!”

“Sure we can walk.”


“What is it?”

“I am walking with the Grim Reaper. Does this mean I’m ACTUALLY dead?!”

“Not yet, no. I’m just talking to you, Stephanie. You’re not dying. Not yet. You get three warnings. This was your first.”

“Can’t you just kill me and like, get it over with? You must know how depressed I am, and how much I want to die, right?”

“Yes, but it doesn’t work that way. Don’t pout. You’re not two. Yes, I sound like your Mother – you need to reconnect with her, by the way. You’ve got a shot at life and don’t be a cow – stop complaining.”


“That tone was necessary, don’t curse me in your head. Sometimes old men do know better.”

“Fine. I really thought dying would be this easy – I didn’t know the Grim Reaper was -”

“A pain in the arse, yes. It doesn’t work that way. It’s not your time yet. Go live.”

“Ouch! What’d you burn my palm for?”

“It’s the size of one of those vile pills you take and overdose on at times. Grow up. It’s just one little burn. A reminder that you’ve been warned once. Now don’t do dumb stuff on purpose so that you get three strikes and try to die earlier than you should. I can read your mind, remember.”

* * *

“Ms Stephanie Cromwell, can you hear me?”

“Yes, ow. My head hurts.”

“How many fingers do you see?”

“Three. And wow, you’re cute. Cute paramedics, yay! Care to get a coffee after?”

“Okay, she’s fine. No concussions. Ms. Cromwell, sure, sure. And you might want to get a new car.”


30 thoughts on “Conversations.

  1. Hehe. That was very nice 😀 But you should have put a disclaimer of sorts in the beginning man. I thought this actually happened to you and started freaking out! You’re okay, aren’t you? 😕♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

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