I’ve had enough people asking me the same two questions, which prompted today’s post.

“Why do you blog? It doesn’t pay your bills. It doesn’t feed you. It takes up your headspace and makes you this nutter that you are, so why?”

People who don’t blog won’t understand why, period.

True, it doesn’t pay my bills.

True, it doesn’t feed me.

But it doesn’t give me headspace? So not true.

The only place where I get some peace is on here. This is where people don’t find reasons to complain about the figurative sound of my voice. This is where I am truly alive. Where I don’t have to pretend to be someone else to please everyone.

And I also blog for the simple reason that it makes me happy, and calmer than a sleeping baby.

For the rest of the world? I only exist. Just one dot on the globe. Mute, infinitesimal. Uninspiring.

The second question being, “Why don’t you have like, a Facebook or an Instagram? How do you get followers?”

First off, get your facts right, whoever the shiitake mushroom asked me this question. I don’t have FOLLOWERS. I’m not a preacher and the last time I checked, I was just me, not Mother Teresa, and definitely not the leader of a cult. So no, they’re my readers. Friends.

There was a time when I’d refresh the stats page over and over, about two billion times a day. I’d get worked up. I would keep thinking, why hasn’t anyone hit the follow button, speaking of which why don’t they change it to a subscribe button or something – cause I sure as Hell ain’t a fashion statement people gotta “follow”.

ClichΓ© as it may seem, I haven’t checked the stats page in weeks. Guess why? I know I’m loved. And number doesn’t matter.

As for me not having a Facebook page for my blog, I don’t like self-promotion. It’s okay if other people do it, not okay if I do it. Does that make me a snob?

Sure as Hell not.

Today I ask you:

Why do YOU blog?

Also, hahahahhaa. Gotcha… y’all thought I’d gotten proposed to, right? Naaaah. Fat chance.


115 thoughts on “Popping THE Question

  1. Oh the one question. One great “roomie” of mine once even suggested, “Instead of writing these blog posts that don’t get you anything, why don’t you write a movie script and sell it to a filmmaker!”

    Just so many things wrong in that sentence that my head hurt.

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  2. ” A time comes in every man’s life to roll up his sleeves, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats.” — H. L. Mencken

    This statement, due to circumstance, is all too relevant in my life, and I’ve come very close to my own time… To be frank, there came a time when the process of blogging kept me sane enough to keep putting off the time to roll ’em up…

    It still does… keep me sane, that is….

    gigoid, the dubious


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  3. This blog is a little too true.. It’s my personal space,I do..say.. Write.. Communicate..blabber.. Anything that I want..
    I blog because I want to… And I’m so grateful to this bulb in my head.. That keeps flickering every now & then..
    Without it,I wouldn’t blog.. And without blogging.. I wouldn’t have met you.. 😱😱
    Who would I say ” Grey baby ” stories to??
    Who would tell me ” neon” anecdotes???
    Lyf would be soooo incomplete Soochie!! N I love you to the moon n back for being there!!

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    1. I gotta show S this. I took a screengrab. And did I say, I LOVE THE FUG OUT OF YOU!?


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  4. Oooh and now I’m getting notifications from myself… FREAAAKKKYYY!!
    Says Noorain sobiya liked a comment you wrote… Comes with a Follow button…
    How on earth can I follow myself??? Wouldn’t I look a dog chasing it’s tail?? You know go round and round and round and round…

    Wow… Am I the only one who think WP needs to attend some logic crash course??
    Any takers??

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  5. 1. I decided to start a blog for some of the stupidest reasons ever, and I’ve never regretted my decision (on a weekend)
    2. Stats used to stress me out too at first, but I haven’t checked them in weeks, and things have gotten easier for me
    -I’ve got 99 problems and the stats ain’t one, m’kay?
    3. Your title and that baby in the photo…ooh you sneaky little devil (read that last part in a British accent for full effect)

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  6. I blog because..? I don’t know :/ Same reasons as you I guess? Is that plagiarism? I don’t think so. YES. We love you. You’re that person who everyone admires cause they say out loud the things others only scream inside their heads. ❀

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  7. As for self promotion! I feel the exact same thing. It’s absolutely fine if other people ‘advertise’. I can’t do it. Just can’t. Stupid porcupine-ish conscience of mine. πŸ˜’πŸ˜

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  8. Blogging by its very nature is self-indulgent, almost self-promotional (to the identity of the individual, whether or not he/she chooses to be anonymous). As long it does whatever it is doing (supposed to is debatable), rock on.

    Urghh rock on, it seems.

    I hope the baby at least knows the “ooga chakka ooga chakka” song. Otherwise I’d think you are just plain weird.

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      1. I steal the souls of younger generations. It’s the only way I can still dance like Mr Bean. Don’t you take that away from me, missy. Be a good lass and watch, tis a great song, fret not dying over it.

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  9. I so thought you got proposed to. I blog because I have an anger problem. I hit things and people. So if I rant and cry on here. It stops me from chopping someone up. πŸ˜”

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  10. FB, Instagram , Twitter are for famous people or who want to famous. However WP like blogs are for beautiful minds. They are for those who want to become better person. And that’s my reason for being here.

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  11. I blog because I write and I write because I have to…and I completely agree with your take on the word, “followers’.

    I don’t have followers. I’m part of a community of people who read each others writings and exchange ideas.

    Maybe I’m being harsh but the word “followers” seems egocentric.

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  12. I started my blog this year.
    I am still working on an answer to the question, “why do you blog?”
    I bet if I sat down and let it out, I could have a whole post answering that 1 question.
    The word “followers” seems a bit staulkerish to me.

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