Ben and I got married exactly a year ago. I don’t think he even remembers it’s our anniversary today. He hasn’t come home yet, and it’s eight in the morning.

I hear the kitchen door open and he walks in. He’s drunk.

I give him the cheeriest “Hey” I can manage. He looks at me without really looking and shuffles out, leaving behind the smell of cheap perfume, weed and something rank…

Here’s the thing. I know he’s cheating on me. It’s been going on about almost a year now. Couple months after we exchanged our “till death do us apart” crap.

How was the wedding, you ask? Why, it was beautiful. My parents didn’t show up, of course. So it was a mostly-Ben’s-side-of-the-family thing. Not the big fat wedding I’d planned all my life. Not even close. Still, it was beautiful. I felt like a million bucks in my NOT Vera Wang simple A-line lace dress. I mostly ignored Ben’s mother’s dung-under-the-nose expression. I also ignored Ben’s plastic, glassy smiles and his constant yapping with my very Seph-whore-afied cousin known for her “generosity”.

I wipe my hands on my kitchen apron and pull it off, and wander upstairs. Ben’s sprawled on the bed, fast asleep, his shirt on the floor. I pick it up to see obvious lipstick stains on the collar. I kind of like pain, but this has to stop. Who knows she’s given him what disease?

I’m about to go do laundry when his phone beeps.

It’s his best friend John. (John is a make-up artist.)

“I love you. Next time we do it without the rubber,” the text says.

Libby’s diary entry, September 2006.

(Too many plot holes. I know. Also, I’m taking a break. Like, for a whole week. Give y’all a break from me. If missing me gets unbearable, you can always leave loving comments in any of my ten thousand posts.)


79 thoughts on “Libby’s Diary

      1. Start is good .. im not sure if this is the first post of this genre .. but you could have started with character introduction ..
        i’m sure you got a very good gameplan in the story πŸ™‚

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      1. Revenge stories are very popular. You might need an interesting twist. Maybe wifey-poo has a unknown side to her… International money manager or some type of powerful world changing position? She could call Obama and have the CIA disappear her hubby. Sorry I’m getting a little carried away.

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      2. Wifey-poo is happy that hubby has outside interests. It always made her feel above it all when she had to meet his fish-faced family. Her family had no idea she was even married. She might tell them or may marry someone else. She was good at disappearing. She loved the domestic life and it was perfect cover for her independent work battling international terrorists. She is a master of the internet and she has brought down many terrorist websites. Recently she has had a lot of success with disinformation about Daesh. The stupid bastards had no clue that she was responsible for their current losses in gaining new volunteers. They really pissed her off when she learned about the women slavery they were practicing. She made it her personal goal to destroy them. She’ll show them the value of women. She exposed many, though she was always sad that she couldn’t stop the single terrorist with a belt bomb. She continued to receive positive support from governments and they set her up with unbelievably, high speed access to world wide records on everyone. And she accessed it all from her Ipad. If any hackers ever tried to hack her computer she had a virus program that would not only wipe out their computer but everyone they were in contact with. Her hacker ID was The Darkness and when her ID showed up hackers took flight. She smiled quietly, happy about her perfect life.
        She finished cooking her muffins, the best ever she might add, and replied to John. She sent him a smiley face emodicon and went to bed in her own room.

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      3. Yeah There’s no need for women to put up with this or commit murder to deal with it. She can take control and kick his Isisikaka/Shoochidada butt! I couldn’t help it I like both those words.

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  1. Nice work. Well written with a good plot twist. I was expecting a text about another family not a text to say he is gay or bi.

    I could just imagine her slowly kneeling on the floor and thinking “FML”

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      1. I don’t know about the plot, I can’t judge you because, hell, I’m so bad myself. But mood? I LOVED the mood. These are the kind of stories I search for, when I go to the library.

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  2. I’ll ignore all the spoilers in the comments – now we know he’s going to die – and get straight to the most important thing:
    *clears throat*
    *deep breath*


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  3. Sooch,

    This time, listen to your readers; it’s an excellent plot line, and the technique you used to create the background info was perfect. Yes, there were some holes, easily plugged; that’s what publishing editors are for, to help authors punch up stories… But, the plot line is solid, for sure, reflective of our modern world all-too-closely. And, the mood was perfect to the subject; resigned acceptance with a tinge of vengeful anger, and a feeling of purpose. You left it with the reader knowing she would survive, no matter what….

    Trust your instincts, young paduan; stop listening to your inner fears, which are only tapes of what others said to you, playing back on automatic. It’s clear to me your urge to write is powerful, which I understand completely; don’t lose it. It’s a process of learning, with a steep curve at first, but, persistence is the only key needed to learn it…. that, and, of course, a firm belief in Truth…

    Take your week away; it’s good to go inside ourselves occasionally. Just remember you don’t have to stay there, and you don’t have to be alone, unless you wish to be….

    Have fun; do something NEW….

    And, don’t forget to write, even if it’s only 1o minutes a day; you’ll have plenty of stuff to post when you come back online….



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  4. Interesting work. Sure it’s got plot holes. It’s only 10 paragraphs long. Think of it this way instead: It’s got a lot of windows to open for a longer look at that mess of a life. And that’s the start of a pretty good novel or short story or whatever you’d like to make it. Enjoy your blogging break, my LR.

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