I’m finally, finally back after a week long break (I’m sure y’all missed me like a alcoholic misses booze at AA parties, and Shubhada – look, I won, like I said I would) with a really important installment of WTF Wednesday.

Today we’re gonna talk makeup. It all started when S wore eye makeup to a brand new shift at work. I heard other girls say, “My God, she wears makeup to the hospital!”

...laced with sarcasm pills.

The next day I wore lipstick. Nothing too crazy. Just for reference, here’s a selfie.

Do I look like a vapid hooker?!

Now. We got comments like:


And also, “Those two look like total sluts.”

I need you guys to tell me, how does my face look like a coloring book? First off, I’m neither skinny nor white – like paper. Secondly, my effing face has dimensions and expression. It’s nowhere near as flat as paper. And finally, my face is my business. You’re nobody to call me a hooker based on whether I’m wearing makeup to work.

I don’t mind people I know asking me personal questions, but then when people you’ve only just been formally introduced to like two hours back, come up with comments like, “You were so chubby last week! How did you lose so much weight?”

Really? Thanks.

You can actually never make people happy, so you might as well stop listening to them.

What’s weird is, the head of the departments never had a problem with chicks in makeup – at all. But my own mother does. Heck, my Dad has no problem with me showing up with muted lipstick on when I’m helping him at his clinic. (Yes, I have the coolest Dad and the un-coolest Mommy which is a totally disastrous match made in marital erm, Hell.)

The Indian public has a thing against women wearing makeup to work. I’m sure. Or is it just my unfortunate workplace?


Here’s the thing though:

There isn’t anything wrong with loving makeup or wearing it to work. Plus I feel kind of half-naked without it. That, and my purse. Which is another story for another day.


Also, to all those twerps out there who’re into the whole business of makeup-shaming, well…


Do you agree?


64 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #8

  1. I couldn’t agree more. But then, it depends on where you work. At some places, wearing makeup = being slutty. Elsewhere, not wearing makeup = being behenji. It is up to us. IGNORE the fools. That’s all 🙂 Btw, cute selfie.

    P.S. I went buying lipstick with mom, for mom. And got two shades. At home, they looked the same to me 😛 Apparently, they weren’t !!!!

    P.P.S. If you ever think of doing a guestpost on lipsticks, I am game. ❤ You are next only to the makeupandbeautyblog 😀

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      1. Kichu na. You just have to blog, but for another blogger. The blogger will have a link to your blog. The rules differ from blog to blog. I usually focus on books but your passion for lipsticks just gets interesting by the minute 🙂 You can just draft a post in a word doc, attach relevant pictures (original preferably) and mail it to me. The contact detail is on my contact page.

        I know it is a lot of work. So no compulsion at all 🙂 The same goes for Reader’s Nook 😉

        The selfie is cute. You should see mine. I look like a flattened coyote from the roadrunner show :-p

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  2. I ACTUALLY HATE THIS. I hate how makeup shaming is a thing now a days! I love makeup. I love doing it and love buying it. Why is it such an issue if I wear it? How does it affect you? You look great! You do not look like a hooker one bit.

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  3. I’m usually averse to selfies and I thought there was nothing unnatural about yours, so I don’t get the rude comments.

    I work in IT, so all I see is makeup everyday. So I guess I’ve sobered upto it. I’ll tell you what I’m against though. Wearing Kancheepuram silk sarees with big sets of jewellery to OFFICE! I’m sorry but is there a wedding going on!

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  4. The blogosphere has got it’s Katniss back. All Hail Almighty. 😛 Nice to see you back. 🙂 You look like a vapid hooker? Ask them to get their eyes gorged out. As a matter of fact you look pretty.

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  5. Two short things…

    1) I’m one who prefers as little as possible; essentially, to my eyes, most women look best when it’s not seen at all. If it can be seen, it’s too much. Ergo, the selfie is perfect… and might explain the comments, as any other woman would feel automatic jealousy… As I’ve told you before, you’re a very pretty girl…

    2) Though very funny in spots, the strongest part of the entire piece was this:

    “you might as well stop listening to them.”

    gigoid has spoken


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  6. I’m a guy, so I will reserve my words on this matter. I’ll only comment on make-up if it’s on the face of a terminator that’s simultaneously on fire.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger in drag doesn’t count.
    Is that sexist? I don’t know

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  7. I wear makeup because it makes me feel better about myself. If someone shows up unexpectedly at my house, all I can think is that they must be horrified to see my without it! Silly I know, but I figure if it makes me feel a bit better than what harm is there?

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  8. Is amazing how people are never satisfied.Is impossible to please everyone.I think the lipstick looks really good in you.
    Btw I cant live my house without at least putting a lipstick or a blush.I do not think there is an harm in using something you feel better with.

    Could you please have a look in my blog debyoncelife.wordpress.com

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  9. I like painting. So I do not see anything wrong with painting one’s face
    or using it as a coloring book. I have heard some refer to make-up as
    “putting on war paint.” I think it is a comment toward the “battle of the sexes.”
    Mating ritual? I dunno. I think that “battle’ was either in the 1970’s or perhaps
    through out the ages. take care

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