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Strangely Naked

As a latchkey kid, a lot of what I learned is from television and comic books. I thank the writers and producers of those shows and feel obligated to honor their vision as surrogate parents (not fair, my parents were great…and are likely reading this and I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to avoid unnecessary and tedious conversations) to share the knowledge I have accumulated bestowed upon me by television, movies shown on television during that era and the odd game show.

I think they're saying "weeeeeee!" I think they’re saying “weeeeeee!”

1) Explosions are like a forceful shove. I don’t know why we bother training bomb sniffing dogs, why countries bother combing for old land mines or why the movie The Hurt Locker was at all suspenseful because explosions don’t hurt people, they just sort of pick you up and throw you a few feet, or, if you have a great strut, the explosion…

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