Just yesterday, I did a post on lying. And people told me that it’s something that makes me immoral arsehat. And I agree. Lying is the worst thing you can ever do. But what if your life happened to be so crappy that you had to do a bit of lying to keep others from feeling sorry for you?

I’m going to come clean. But first, here are a few questions I gotta ask:

What would you do if your (overprotective and controlling bordering on psychopathic) Mum happened to be your roommate, and:

1. You weren’t allowed to even go out to dinner with your friends after the exams got over?

2. You weren’t allowed to be on the phone, let alone blog because blogging apparently eats into your study hours and it isn’t something remotely useful?

3. You’d to face the wrath of the Momster if you ever did anything else apart from staying cooped up in the room, all day, letting textbooks suck the life out of you? All 365 days of the year?

4. You weren’t allowed to live happily?

5. You were only supposed to live your parents’ dreams of looking after their hospital because they wanted it?

6. You were supposed to get hitched to whoever they asked you to, because you were nothing but a business pawn in their lives?

7. You had to surrender your phone to your Mum the instant you got home?

8. So you wouldn’t be in touch with your “friends because it’s only us, your parents, who will be there for you”?

9. You’re 24, and can’t move out because you’d be subjected to honor killing, and yes, this is modern India?

10. You have no other choice?

Yes, lying is the obvious answer.

If I told my Mum the truth, “I’m going out to dinner with friends at this restaurant” that dinner would never happen. Why? Mum has a problem with the restaurant.

I’ve told her I’ve quit blogging, and I write my posts at work, so I wouldn’t be found out. I lie when she asks if I’m blogging on the phone, and when she comes checks, I’ve got a Google search on some stupid surgery, on my screen. So she can’t yell at me.

I pretend to study while I’m actually reading novels in between.

I pretend I’m happy. I lie to everyone when they ask how I’m doing and I say, “Hey, I’m fine” all breezily.

I lie that I’ll gladly be an ophthalmologist when I remotely won’t be. The minute I have enough saved up, I will elope with the President. (I always use humor as self-defence.)

I’ll get hitched and lie to the poor bloke about being happy. *double thumbs up* When it gets unbearable, I might disappear for a while.

The surrender the phone bit is something even I don’t understand. Why does Mum do it? I don’t know. She wants me to stop blogging, give up on makeup and novels, and become a cabbage. I lie to her that I have class and I need my phone for emergencies and go hang out with S at the Tea Shop. God, how pathetic.

I lie when I have no choice. Because if there’s anything worse than being a pathological liar, it’s being pitied. I loathe pity. I don’t need it and I don’t want it.

I told you why I do it. Feel free to judge. I’ve grown up with judgemental parents, and I never expect any better. And now that I’m going to Hell, wish me luck.


24 thoughts on “Why I’m Going To Hell

  1. A friend told me once, that people are taught to Lie to Survive. I know all that is horrid. I try to put a positive spin on it for you, your mother is alive, some do not have that luxury. Wishing good for you. I like your rants. Always brings a smile to my face. take care!!

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  2. Oohhh Hun… I’m sure not one soul meant it that way.. It’s just their perspective love. Why should you feel depressed about that?
    You know your circumstances better. We don’t live in utopia do we?? We do need to white lie to live around over here.
    Some ppl don’t like it & for some it’s a necessity. As long as it isnt becoming a habit in everything one does,I don’t see the harm in it.
    Your honesty proclaiming that you lie,shows how honest you are. Now that is what I love.
    You agree that ” Hey you know what,I have my crap & I need to lie to live.. At least I’m not behaving like a jerkazoid who says I don’t lie at all”.
    So chill my love.. The world is just a gnarly place,nobody will b happy with whatever you do..

    Ahemm… Though I will be happy 😁😁
    I love you jaana.. ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Well, good… I’m glad I’ll have company…. All the nicest ffolkes end up there, don’t y’know?…


    If you didn’t lie to her, that would be the sin, for she has no right to try to turn you into her version of what she wanted to be.

    Just a thought, and perhaps a bug in your ear; you’re a doctor. There are a LOT of other countries in the world who need doctors…. and, you could always tell her you’re only going to learn better how to administer, & learn new technology, so you can come back to help and be more efficient… Once gone, of course, your path would be your own…. And, if you need protection from a “dishonor” killing (for that is MY opinion of THAT..), let me know, & I’ll take care of it, gratis… I hate bullies…

    Ya never know, it could be the last lie you’d have to tell her…. I know a really good travel agent. Time everything right, & you can pick up your tickets at the airport, on your way to anywhere else… I’ll provide the bodyguard…

    Think on it…

    gigoid, the helpful


    PS I know this is a joke piece, and I’m glad you have a sense of humor about it…. But, my suggestion is serious, as is the offer…

    g, td

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      1. All it takes is planning, and timing, and courage…

        And a little help from your friends…

        I hear they’re doing some amazing medicine in Cuba… and, of course, there’s always Paris, where even the doctors are fashionable… arrogant, but, fashionable…

        Good luck; we’re all here when you’re ready…

        gigoid (no caps, ever…)



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  4. I hope you run into a good guy that doesn’t mind your short and bubbly personality.. That will let you blog and hang out with friends. Controlling mom is controlling because she wants to live your life for you because she can “obviously do it better”…..

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  5. god! u know what, it’s ok to lie and be happy! but then, how long will you lie for? try to tell your mother what you want, what makes you happy. i know it’s going to be extremely extremely difficult but TRY. Coz trust me, u can’t lie forever coz i have tried that. Ultimately, u will only end up unhappy with all of this.Take baby steps. Be patient with your parents. If u don’t want to be a doctor then you have to let them know! have a plan B! Do this:
    1. make a proper full proof plan B.
    2.when you have all the details figured out, tell them that this is what u wanna do.
    3. and the most important one, TAKE A STAND. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

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  6. You do what you have to. Lie if that’s what keeps you going. Whoever decides whether people go to hell or not must understand and let you into heaven. If they don’t (because bureaucracy), I’ll tell them to bury me with marshmallows so we’ll roast them as you tell me all about India

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  7. Not sure if you’re going to hell or in a living hell. That sounds rough. I wish you all the luck and the power of lies as you go through this endurance challenge before you can declare yourself free of their tyranny.
    Although, in defense of your mum, if I may, it has to be kind of liberating to have someone make all of your decisions for you. I’m not saying it’s right, but sometimes I just wish someone would tell me exactly how to live so I don’t have to do it myself.
    Hold on, “lying is the worst thing you can ever do”? Sweet, so I don’t have to feel guilty about murdering–UH allegedly murdering that drifter. I feel like I may have indicted myself. I wish I knew how to delete things I write on the internet.

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    1. She’s probably bipolar. She’s hypertensive and can’t take salt, which totally lowered lithium levels in her body. I’m hoping that’s what’s happened! And yes, you’re allowed to say that. Wait, therapist? I need help!

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