I don’t normally have a problem with people unless they happen to be relatives. But with age comes restraint, and you’ve to restrain yourself from smashing peoples’ faces into pies.

But, there are ten things (actually ten million but I’m not gonna type up a ginormous post and give myself carpal tunnel) that abso-effing-lutely get on my nerves.

1. When people won’t stay in queue. And when they think it’s okay to just push their way in. Like, dude – I was here first. Back the Hell off!

It makes me THIS MAD.

2. When you’ve had a super long day, and your Goddarn phone blows up with whatsapp notifications. And you switch your phone off and settle in and you’re just getting cosy when…

...this sh*t happens.

3. Friends who only call you to make you jealous. Like, “Look, I’ve got myself a new boyfriend! Isn’t he the hunkiest ever?” When I’m at work. Makes me want to punch them in their dumb vajayjays. Wearing gloves, of course.

4. Excessive pet-name-calling. I am not a feminist, but I have a serious problem with men addressing women as “chicks, babes, honeybunnys” et cetera. First off, women are humans, not chickens. Not rabbits. And definitely not diaper-clad infants.

5. Clingy boyfriends. I remember this friend of mine, who had to get her man’s approval for every little effing thing. “Honey, is it okay if I hang out with the girls tonight?” “No, hang out with me.” Over and over. Gaaaaah. No.

Yes you do, Ye Clingy Boyfie.

6. Overpopulation. It irks me. IRKS me, y’all. There’s no navigating space. Soon, we’ll be out of oxygen.


7. Septugenarian male leads making out with twenty-four-year-old female leads on-screen. Sweet baby Jesus. Make it stop. Make it stop! It’s effing unfair that Chris Evans has retired from acting, but certain Indian actors still won’t give up.

8. Why even make low-calorie sweetners if our brains aren’t fooled by them?!

9. Superficial people. Now, that’s quite rich, coming from me because I’m a lipstick hobo and all that, but it’s a horrible thing to be. Bit of advice: Stay away from such people, they will drag you down.


10. The script writers for Sleepy Hollow cause they made Hawley leave in season two. Thou shalt burn in Hell.

I guess I have a thing for lumbersexual men. And he is HOT without the shirt on!!



45 thoughts on “Ten Things I’ve Got Major Problems With

      1. Or atleast they are to me. If I were to talk about what I hate with my friends, It would sound so boring that they would be like “bas bhi kar”. I guess that’s why they only come to me when they need a serious advice or help with studies hahahah.

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