There’s something seriously wrong with my WordPress reader. I kept dismissing it for a week, thinking it was just PMSing, but now it looks like it’s having full-blown tantrums, ten notches higher than regular PMS!

First off, it won’t show me posts from my favorite blogs. And I loathe not being able to connect with my fellow bloggers. I might have hurled my phone at the wall in frustration. (Yes, my phone is intact, thank you.)

And the app sucks monkey balls y’all. I’ve been getting ZERO notifications and then the next instant, my phone blows up with them. Why isn’t anyone fixing this stupid app? I would have, if I could. But my knowledge here happens to be as limited as my Mum’s knowledge of stiletto heels.

I’m SO mad.

Is anyone else dying of WordPress deficiency?


47 thoughts on “Gah, WordPress!

  1. Yeah. I can’t get the old dashboard up. Now it’s this rinky-dink window where I can’t cut and paste tags from other posts or check mark categories, and it closes out after I add an image to the draft and then try to type. It’s seriously pissed me off. I want my old dashboard.

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  2. I’ve actually automatically unsubscribed from some of by blogs!! It took me some time to figure that out. Then I won’t get notifications for some comments left on my blog. Incredibly frustrating, yo. I raised an issue in the WP forums but no one was able to help me!! Grrrrr….

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  3. WP isn’t designed to use on a phone; the apps aren’t reliable because the technology isn’t up to snuff in that regard. When phones are actually as powerful as a computer/laptop, it will be possible; until then, WP just works better on a machine with the RAM, speed, and configuration of settings it is designed for…


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  4. That’s why I stopped using the app. The reader only shows posts within the past 2 hours and I can’t get the notification to update. Why do I care about notification I’ve already seen anyway? I need to see the new notification!

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  5. Do not worry you are not the only one I tried it using during two days and then I gave up I mean it does not give me any notifications to update and the I only get to see the posts after a while. I prefer using the computer instead or connecting directly in the website

    Btw I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Award if you could come to my blog and see the rules I will truly appreciate it. I’m looking forward for your answers.

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  6. The app is the worst. I’ve given up using the reader and go by Feedly (not an endorsement) or some other blog reading app that only does that so it remains consistent. That’s my suggestion…not that you were soliciting advice. Sorry for being presumptive.

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  7. The reader is not showing the list of posts from the people you follow. It’s sad & irritating. There’s a workaround in the app. Go to the the Reader page in the app. Press the ‘+’ button and then go to the section with heading FOLLOWED BLOGS. Ta-da ! Now, you can go through the sites of all the people you follow and then read them. Bit tedious but still better than nothing. Hope its helpful 😉

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