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Mondays Suck

1. You wake up with a hangover even though you had nothing to drink the night before.

It’s a fascinating biological phenomenon. Your head hurts, your mouth is dry and there’s a weird bruise in a surprising place. It takes all the strength you have just to reach over and slap the alarm clock against the wall, repeatedly, until you finally throw back the covers and stagger out of bed, weeping quietly. You completely ignore the person lying on the other side of the mattress, because you can’t remember their name right now. It’ll come to you later.

2. Despite your best intentions, you never got around to doing any laundry over the weekend.

So now your wardrobe options are completely uninspiring, consisting mostly of things you haven’t worn since Clinton was in office, faded t-shirts with exclamatory slogans that could lead to your dismissal at work, and a certain…

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13 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Mondays are the Work of Satan

  1. Hahahhaha good one. Btw, interested in Readers’ Nook? If and whenever you find the time, the mood and fed up of pigs and bad thingamajigs, just go through the questions and send me the replies 🙂 Give guestpost a skip. It is too much work really. But this, you can manage and maybe, enjoy? 🙂

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