Did you know that I can’t sneeze in peace? It’s a keen observation. I’m not kidding.

I just sneezed.

And immediately this happened:


Dear God. I swear, even prisoners have more headspace than I do. My Mum needs to get a life. What say I secretly enrol her into a steamy salsa session with Dad? *smirk*

Also, big arse WTF moment: I might have let slip to my very nice professor that I have a blog. And yeah, he’s gonna be reading it. Probably. Which means I’m about to be guillotined. My blog is filled with med-school shaming. So much for anonymity.

(I need meds for oral diarrhoea-and-bursts-of-honesty-when-I-desperately-need-to-lie.)

Also, moment of grossity: do NOT go into Government hospitals at six in the morning. You might find poop in the corridors. I am not exaggerating.

Exactly my point.

Apart from the fact that I’ve probably just totally flunked, this other shock is gonna take some time to wear off.

Let’s talk tag blogs! *insert dramatic excited squealing*

I’ve been nominated for The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award by debyoncelife.wordpress.com!! Dadadadadada.

Her questions:

1- What inspired you toΒ become a blogger?

Easy. Life. And how it slapped me around. And how I still laugh at myself.

2- An item you never forget to bring along with you?

Hand sanitizer. I’m a major germophobe.

3- Favourite type of food?

Pizza. But I’m gonna say salad. On a diet, y’all.

4- Favourite type of movie?

Anything completely UN-porny. Cold fish right here.

5- Are you able to go out without using any makeup? Why?

I don’t think I can go out without kohl. I’d look anemic and people would run for the Rocky Mountain Range.

6- Which topics makes you followΒ a blog?

Humor. Makeup. FOOD!!!

7- Who is the person you most admire?Why?


8- Getting old or being immortal?

Immoral. If it provides me with a cataract, arthritis and saggy skin free life. I wouldn’t like to get immortal at like, fifty, because that would suck bananas!

9- Favourite musical instrument?

The guitar. I’ve got a thing for southpaw guitar players. With dimples.

10- Something you can’t live without?

My dented sense of humor.


45 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #9

  1. Congrats on the award and laments on your professor finding out you have a blog. Wait, when you say “secretly enroll her into a steamy salsa session with Dad,” are you arranging a hookup session for your parents? That’s a nice thing for a child to do, more open-minded to your parents sexuality than I am, that’s for sure. Also, I like the strategic typo in your answer to number 8, “immoral.” That’s what I’d choose too.

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  2. Ms. S,

    Two things I thought of when I stopped laughing at the image of your parents doing a salsa number on You Tube…

    1) There IS a medication for the honesty-at-inconveniently-odd-times disorder… It’s called catilude; you take one, & in a while you feel like a cat, and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks…

    1) I like this little Freudian slip/typo, which I copied & pasted from the text in your post:

    “8- Getting old or being immortal?


    Maybe you already took some catilude?….

    gigoid, the dubious


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      1. All it takes is to start using a bit of cream in your coffee, and hold a cat in your lap, stroking it into an ecstatic purrball, and you’ll pick it up via the vibrations…

        Believe me, you won’t care what anybody thinks… and, if they still try to argue with you, you can puke in their shoes at night while they’re sleeping…

        Works for me every time….



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  3. Got the dimple, just some guitar classes and I will be craved πŸ˜› I also have some of my colleagues read my blogs and that’s good, till they find out that I don’t like my office and rest of the related stuff πŸ˜‰

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  4. “My dented sense of humor” – I can picture you acting like an agoraphobic in the sun without it. You’ll flay your arms and swat at imaginary moths, screaming some gibberish about evil rainbows.

    And someone will videotape it, and you’ll be a star. And you’ll eat less pizza and and and…oh nevermind

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