The day I tried making my first ever omelette was a nightmare – Hell actually froze over. By the time I was done, the kitchen resembled a war zone. My omelette had more eggshell than actual egg. The cheese had disappeared into my tum. Forgive me, I was six.

Fast forward almost two decades.

I still can’t make a proper omelette. It’ll always either be overdone or happen to stay raw in the middle. Maybe that’s why my relationships suck too.

All of my relationships have kind of been like omelettes. Either overdone or raw. Maybe I didn’t let the oil warm up enough (read: Wasn’t over my ex). Maybe I kept craving for omelettes when hungry (read: got acared of being lonely and jumped into the next relationship, multiple times). Maybe I have ham hands and it’s obvious that my omlettes will always be eggshell-y (read: Don’t know how to prioritize). Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all that cheese (read: Pretended to be okay with everything).

And before you begin to wonder – no, therapy is NOT HELPING.

I gotta learn how to make an omelette. Before my life cracks like a raw stinkin’ egg and I’m left with a lot of messy yolk to deal with. I’ll update y’all once I’ve mastered the art of cracking eggs one-handed.


52 thoughts on “Of Omelettes and Relationships

  1. Tyler Durden: You wanna make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs. (From Fight Club)
    You’ve to date a lot of Volkswagen before you get to your Porsche.
    So I see, you are headed on the right path. šŸ™‚ šŸ˜›

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      1. that movie was awesome. I knew how it ended before I watched it but I still squealed when I saw it
        every single character was cool. Even Bob. And the penguin

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      1. Btw, I like your Gravataar. What did you do…you look so different (nicely wala different) šŸ™‚ You surely know your makeup ā¤

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      2. Not at all. Then I will be the first to buy it and try it šŸ˜€ You should really start a section on your blog about makeup tips, especially how to buy what products. I swear it is one of your true callings. And I am being selfish because I am so going to benefit from those (when society wants me to be proper-looking during Pujo :-p ). Teehehe.

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