Most of us love Harry Potter so much we can all quote Hermione Granger like a boss. We’ve all done that thing where, being so caught up in Hogwars-ifiacation, we’ve actually tried Summoning the telly remote with an “Accio remote!”

This is so me. And you. And every other Potterhead.

So obviously when Ms. Rowling’s Casual Vacancy hit the bookstores, I HAD to get it. And I remember I started reading it right there.

I’ll admit, the story was lost on me. I read it twice, trying to convince myself I would love it because it’s my auto-buy author #1 – but no.

Pagford as a whole sticks out like a sore thumb. It pains me to say this, but I felt no connection with any of the characters. Maybe Sukhvinder. Only I’m not a “giant hermaphrodite.” And frankly, a political-y novel? Not my thing.

Here’s what’s wrong with Casual Vacancy – too many characters, scrambled storylines and it drove me nuts. But I finished it since I never abandon any novel I’m reading, midway. And we’ve come to expect too much from her – hence the bigger disappointment. *sigh*

There’s also a lot of abuse, vile language and tons of inappropriate stuff. If you’re the kinda person who enjoys the burst of crazy, slightly porny stuff, you might enjoy this one.

I'll always love Ms. Rowling though.

Have you ever been disappointed with your auto-buy authors?


66 thoughts on “The Time She Disappointed

  1. This book has sat on my bookshelf for two years and I’ve never made it past the first three chapters. It’s not gripping at all is it? The BBC made a TV series out of it earlier this year. I didn’t watch that either. I agree with you about not abandoning books though, so it will sit on my bookshelf until I have time to read it – complete juxtaposition to ‘The Deathly Hallows’ which I read in more or less one sitting the day it came out…

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  2. I had thought of buying the book, I didn’t even look at a single review of the book (because, J.K. Rowling). But now I’ll not the buy the book and not have to complete it reluctantly like you, thank you Sooch, your suffering helped me. :p

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  3. I don’t feel bad if I quit reading a book. I have so many books that want to be read. How can I waste time reading a book that doesn’t interest me when there is another on the shelf just waiting for me to pick it up?

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  4. This was one book I never got around to reading. After this post, I don’t think that I ever will!
    However, I must say that I enjoyed both “The Cuckoo’s Calling” and “The Silkworm”. Not to the extent of Harry Potter, definitely. But, I liked it. However, I tried to read it as a book by a debut author, not JKR. Because, if not, I would have expected Avada Kedavra to be the cause of death and apparating to places!
    Do give it a try if you’re into crime/detective fiction.

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  5. A small lesson on the dangers of “auto-anything”…. Life changes too fast to make snap judgments, or, even more, for making judgments based on preconceptions….

    I had, initially, the same reaction upon reading the book, and, in fact, I’m still trying to plow my way through it… But, I expected it to be different, so, it wasn’t as much of a shock to me…. Of course, that doesn’t make for a funny blog post, does it?….


    I expect she made it that way on purpose. to convince everyone, mostly herself, she was not stuck in a Pottermore rut as an author….

    Good post, should get a lot of comments….


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  6. The key to enjoy this book is to forget that you’re reading a book written by JKR. Because that will always dampen your expectations. Nothing’s gonna be as awesome as Harry Potter again and that’s the truth.

    Anyway I think you’ll love the Cormoran Strike novels better! They’re very good! And there’s a reason she wrote these under a different pen name, she feared it would be CV all over again.

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  7. I learnt my lesson with Sophia Kinsella’s books. I loved the Shopholic series soo much, it was a series that really tickled my funny bone! But when I branched out to her other books I was sadly disappointed. I’m scared to be disappointed by Rowling. I’ve read and re-read all the HP books 3 times already this year!
    Ps I am so glad I found your blog! I really enjoy reading your articles!

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    1. One of Sophie Kinsella’s books, Wedding night, is so funny it made me cry tears if mirth!! As for Rowling, I’ve just started reading The Silkworm, which she wrote under a male pseudonym, Robert Galbraith – and I’m loving it this far:D

      And thank you😍😍😍😍


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