I’ll attempt to put a funny twist to this. Laugh at the posterity of this situation.

I got home and got assaulted with a solitary rubber shoe. “Hello to you too, Mum!” She’s been doing this a lot lately. Throwing things at my head, by way of greeting. How sweet.

I love my Mum. She’s so entertaining!

Like how she smacked me full on the mouth in front of a friend. Right now. (I blog when I’m having a blogsthma attack, sorry. I had to ramble and let it all out. Like how you shouldn’t hold back your hurl.) I’m left with stingy lips and a strong hot bowl of words. Hey, I guess I just got temporary lip fillers! Hahahaha.

It’s funny how I’m the Cancerian and she’s the crabby one. She’s got mood swings which totally peak when the moon’s full. She’s probably descended from a long line of werewolves, or she’s lied to me about her birthday. She’s the personification of a full-blown-hermit-crab.

As for her mood swings, I’ve got a theory: you know how water bodies experience tides? High tides when the moon is full and the pull is at its strongest? I’ve got a feeling that this pull acts on her cerebrospinal fluid and makes her go bonkers. And she’s normal when the moon wanes.

Hermit crabs function (read: go haywire) in the full moon. My lovely mum isn’t an exception. Do you like the werewolf theory or the loony moony one? Let’s have a comment marathon while I go ice my lips.


69 thoughts on “The Werewolf/Crab Theory

  1. My mum’s mood swings are beyond astronomical calculations. The scientists (I mean, me and my sis) are yet to decipher the pattern. So, I’m glad you got yours down to the werewolf. 😛

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  2. Woah shit. I knew that tides were because of the moon’s pull but it never occurred to me that the water in our body can be under that influence too. Cool shit. I’m going with that theory as my favourite.

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  3. I sometimes check outside to see if there’s a full moon when I am having a breakdown because I noticed a full moon sometimes. I think it might have something to do with the moon pulling up the fluid in my body and making me nuttier for that or something?:/ Hahaha

    But did that actually happen or were you trying to be funny or…..I hope not……both? 😦

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      1. Well I mean if you both like to continue it is no limit, but you know the amazing experience that you get over here on WP you would miss it. Like when two people discuss or talk something, some interest person adds in their thoughts, gives new flavor to it.

        But again, this was just my stupid little thought. What say..?

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  4. Wowe
    What can one say
    I don’t catch long your speed and flow n mix of words n thoughts
    But I get the overall Idea

    I don’t know Werewolf or Crab
    I am not into Astro or Zodiac
    But your moon theory pretty cool

    I come up with this stupid analogy n correlations most of the times n yeah Mood Swings Human Behavior have been catching my interest lately

    I guess sometimes it is meant to be
    You see the bright side
    We get to read the blogs+
    You are so humoristic+
    Someday you know you will make a big bag of experience and turn it into hot balloon to explore the world on your journey. Cheers.

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