I’m not going to beat about the bush and, get straight to the point: I don’t understand why people spit on the roads. In public. With two billion other people around. Do you have to spit like that?

Like, seriously, hold your urges. Hold it like a Victorian lady holds on to her frilly parasol.

I think this flamboyant spitting is the only reason why our country is still stuck in the rut. This, and the fact that people think it is okay – acceptable, even – to do so. Heard of fomite transmission of infections? Spitting causes it. Also, coughing without covering your mouth, which releases your-God-knows-what-pathogens in the air. So if you’re spitting and coughing with your mouth uncovered, you’re actually a mass murderer.

So if you’re an exhibitionist-spitter…

And I'm not kidding.

There should be a law against this  grossity. Like making the offenders lick the sidewalk/road where they’ve spit. And then making them clean the sidewalk/road with bleach. Or something. What drives me nuts is I’ve seen doctors do it. Doctors are supposed to stay hygienic! And promote good habits. But no. No, no, no. What’s this world come to?

I don’t understand why this would upset me so much, but when you’ve run five kilometers and you see a lovely lady (yes, lady!) spit with amazing precision, and copious amounts of phlegm lands five inches from you, you actually can’t help getting upset, you can’t help thinking, Unholy demonic cesspool of germs, what if IT HAD LANDED ON ME?! It doesn’t help I’m a germophobe either.

Today is going to be a rotten day, y’all. It started with phlegm!!!


54 thoughts on “Say No To Sprittle!🙅

  1. What’s also disgusting and upsetting is when you walk past a person who’s PUBLICLY defecating on the sidewalk. I know it’s not fair for me to feel disgusted because they’re poor and don’t have toikets, but. . . GOD, I WANT TO PUKE.

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  2. Ha ha. I used to work in Hong Kong and it IS illegal there (Singapore too I think), there’s even notices every few yards on the streets. Does it make any difference? Does it fuck. There is worse though. The pressing one side of the nose and blowing all the snot out of the other into the gutter. (Obviously you have to do that twice unless you’re Daniella Westbrook in which case you just blow the snot back into your brain.) Girlfriends also like to pick their boyfriends spots on the Metro….

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  3. While there is a certain degree of truth in the old saying, “Better out than in…”, when it comes to getting something out, a little bit of tact and common good sense needs to be shown in public….

    As one who occasionally finds it necessary to remove unwanted, and actually unhealthy substances from my body, I can empathize with the need; however, I’m also a gentleman, and a gentleman never does anything which would offend someone, unless it’s done deliberately to deliver a point, or an opinion…. One’s personal physical issues should remain private.

    That said, you might consider making up some cards, with a short pithy message like, “I know of a good charm school you can attend to get over that condition…” or some even more insulting but clear statement informing them to keep their phlegm where it belongs…

    Or, you can do what I do, and spit back…. But, don’t miss….



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      1. Yes, as I said, tact…. But, if they’ve already spit in public, I say, give ’em a dose of their own… Maybe, if they have to wipe it off their face (after they wake up…) they’ll think twice of doing it again…

        But, that’s just me, & I’m an old curmudgeon, who no longer cares if they get pissed off about it…. Be polite, or be somewhere else, that’s my motto…


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    1. If you tell them to stop doing it, they’ll blame the government. They’ll say there aren’t enough dustbins or loos. Honestly, even if there were enough facilities, people with such mentality wouldn’t change. They’ll abide by the laws in foreign countries, but won’t in India.

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  4. this post and most comments are showing me that my stomach may not be as strong as I previously thought. The day to find out will not be today

    so what I will say is it feels good to see the word ‘kilometres’ on WP. Hooray metric system!


  5. Sample this…I live in a place/region where cigarette is not the common addiction but…GUTKHA is. So….people generously spit stuff…sometimes, while driving. When you are driving behind them…..you are bound to get sprayed….generously. Callous ones.

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