Ben proposed to me. Ben actually proposed to me!

I wish I were dolled up though. I’m pretty sure my brows were gross and my shoes looked out of place with the rest of my outfit. But, meh, whatever.

Men are seriously weird.

Just when I’d given up on him – on us – what does he do? He goes into a jewelry store and buys me a ring! And proposes to me in the middle of the conference room! La di da. All sweet and romantic and nice. Why am I unhappy? Is it because we hit a rocky patch weeks ago and it’s gotten worse?

Or is it because I’ve been hooking up with Roger behind the coffee machine at work? I don’t love Roger, I don’t. He’s just a shag doll of a person, not worth loving. Why am I talking about Roger at length now? Aren’t I supposed to be in love – or whatever that is – with Ben?

And Roger is also my very-much-married boss. Ben shouldn’t have a problem since I’m paying the bills, anyway.

Libby’s Diary entry, June 2003.

Did you know that Instagram happens to be very porny? Tons of nearly naked ladies on there. I’m so frigging uncomfortable at how I’m the only one who’s all squirmy. Ooh and guys just like, send you their numbers!! Wow. Free dating site right there.


22 thoughts on “Libby’s Diary – #2

      1. You always make me laugh Sooch! I love you so much my darling little rapscallion! 😙💋💋💋💋💋

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